Sweet Discoveries: Sugar Crumb Bakery and Toffee Cellar


My son’s Montessori school recently had a fundraiser dinner, and I figured I’m better at finding good food than I am at decorating and organizing a big event, so I volunteered for the task of getting dessert donated.

As I often do when I need help with something, I turned to the Twitterverse. Within a few short minutes of asking my Twitter friends for suggestions, I had two lovely ladies agree to donate their goods!

Kristen Paige Gathany just started Sugar Crumb Bakery a little over a month ago out of her home in Sylvan Park.



Sugar Crumb Bakery’s Brown Butter Fleur de Sel Chocolate Chip Cookie

Let me tell you – she bakes what is quite possibly the BEST chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had: the brown butter fleur de sel chocolate chip. Yep.

The photo doesn’t even come close to doing it justice. They were most certainly the talk of the evening amongst the parents attending the fundraiser, and once word spread throughout the room,  they were the first cookie to disappear completely from the dessert table!



Her gluten-free vegan chocolate chip cookies went pretty fast too. While there is no reason that I personally need to eat gluten-free or vegan, I gave one a try (you know, for research purposes), and thought they were great. Again, please forgive the photo. The lighting in the venue was not the greatest, so the pics aren’t as pretty as the real product.

Earlier this week I was so excited to see that I’m not the only person who has discovered Kristen and Sugar Crumb – Jennifer Justus profiled her in The Tennessean! For more on her story and her favorite ingredient, click here.

To see her current holiday cookie menu, and more of what she does, visit the Sugar Crumb Bakery Facebook page. If you’d like to contact her directly, email her at hellosugarcrumb@gmail.com.


Next up is Robin from the Toffee Cellar in Nolensville. When I say toffee, I’m sure you get an image in your mind. Well, wipe that image away and check this out.

Robin’s toffee is like no other that I’ve had before. Not only is it rich and buttery and delicious, it also comes in a wide variety of unique flavors! Imagine white blueberry almond, chocolate peanut butter, white chocolate cashew, dark chocolate almond…

White Chocolate Macadamia Toffee from Toffee Cellar


With roasted macadamia nuts topped with white chocolate, toasted coconut and then more roasted macadamia nuts, the White Chocolate Macadamia Toffee might have been my favorite of the bunch. And usually I prefer dark or milk chocolate over white all day long!

But the most popular at the event, by far, was the S’mores version, a gooey marshmallow chocolate graham cracker toffee. Have you ever heard of such? Every single last piece of the S’mores toffee was gone from the dessert table within probably the first hour of the party. And for good reason.

Toffee Cellar’s Chocolate S’mores toffee

Be sure to follow the Toffee Cellar on Twitter for specials, and check out their Facebook page and their website to see the wide variety of flavors she creates. This stuff would make for fantastic holiday gifts!