Prepare Yourself: Never Too Hungover


It’s no secret that I imbibe a bit from time to time. I mean, this blog is called Eat. DRINK. Smile., after all! At least a couple of times a year, I’m tasked with judging a cocktail competition, and I also regularly attend events with alcohol components, many that are during the middle of the week. With a demanding full time job and a kiddo to take care of, I can’t afford to wake up feeling bad.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen something I tried out back in September as I was preparing for the Music City Food & Wine festival – Never Too Hungover.

When the folks behind this hangover prevention & recovery product reached out to me, I had just come off one of the worst hangovers I’d had in years after judging 24 bourbon cocktails at Nashville Lifestyles’ Bartender Bash. If only they’d reached out two weeks earlier!



Oh well. There were still plenty of opportunities on the calendar to give Never Too Hungover a try, the first being the aforementioned MCF&W. When my package arrived, there were 2 boxes: one labeled “Prevention” and another “Boost”.

Prevention is meant to be used before or while drinking. There is no added caffeine and it’s limeade flavor. Boost is berry flavored and contains caffeine and double B12. It can be consumed before, while, or even after drinking. Both are said to neutralize toxins, restore vital nutrients & rehydrate your body. I am no medical professional, but I can honestly say over the course of the last 3 months, I’ve used almost every bottle they provided me and it has worked!

There were actually a couple of times that I forgot to drink a bottle before consuming alcohol, so instead I drank a Boost the next morning, and any little hint of a headache I had went away quickly. I’m a believer.



Never Too Hungover products are available online at and Amazon, as well as select national (GNC) and local retailers nationwide. On their website, a 6-pack retails for $23.99 and a 12-pack for $44.99 which works out to be less than $4 per bottle. If you purchase in larger quantities, the price per bottle goes down.

AND they’ve been kind enough to offer my readers an exclusive discount code for 25% off to be used on their website! Just use EATDRINKSMILE in the “Discount” field when checking out, then click ‘Apply.’

Once you use this discount code, you’ll be paying below $3/bottle. There is also free shipping on orders over $50, so stock up or combine your order with a friend so you can take advantage of that. What are you waiting for? Go get some now so you’re ready for the holidays!


Disclaimer: Never Too Hungover provided me with samples of the product to try, however, I was not compensated for this post, and as always, opinions are mine!