Best of Nashville 2017

It’s here! Well, technically it’s been here for a couple of weeks already ;-)  That’s right. Voting for this year’s Nashville Scene “Best of Nashville is underway.

Last year you guys somehow managed to get me voted the #2 spot for Best Food Writer in town alongside two of my favorite writers (and just favorite people in general) – Chris Chamberlain and Jennifer Justus. Though I’m not sure I feel like I deserve to be ranked with those two, I’ll take it. And again, a huge THANK YOU!

Looks like the Scene made several changes this year, and for the first time since I started this little blog of mine, there is no Best Food Blog category! (and no Best Food Writer either)

So I’m not here to beg you to vote for me, just to remind you to vote for your favorites in all other categories. Of course, there IS a “Best Candy Store” category and since I practically live at the Goo Goo Shop these days and have put more energy into that place than I’ve probably put into anything in my entire life, please feel free to throw a vote that way if you’re so inclined.

Click here now to vote for your favorites. Note another major change they made this year – once you submit, you’re done. You can’t go back to a category and vote again, so make sure you get everything entered that you want on the first go-round.

Have a great week!