Searching for the Best Desserts in Nashville



One of the questions I get asked most often is “Where should I go for dessert?” Sometimes it’s from out-of-towners, sometimes it’s from locals. Usually people are looking for a place to go for a special dessert. Maybe they have an anniversary, or have a hot date with plans to go see a show but want to finish off the evening with a nice glass of wine and a little something sweet.

Of course I have a few suggestions, but I know I’m probably missing some places, so that’s what this post is all about.

I’ve got a project in mind, and I need your help! I need to know where your favorite desserts are. Not just where, but also, what are they? What are the best of the best here in Nashville?

Even if you think I probably already know about a certain place or specific dessert, go ahead and leave a comment about it. I would love for my fondness for a certain confection be validated by your approval of it!

Then stay tuned…I’ll be back soon with a very sweet Nashville post once I’m done researching!