Smoke Et Al

BBQ. Arguments abound on whose is the best.

For a long time, there wasn’t any BBQ in Nashville that I even bothered to eat. Then along came Martin’s BBQ out in Nolensville. It’s a 30 minute trek from my house, but well worth it, as I extolled here.

And while I will continue to frequent Martin’s on occasion to get my BBQ fix (and satisfy my chicken wing craving- because their smoked chicken wings are insane!), there is now a new kid in town that doesn’t require such a long drive.


Smoked Chicken & Chorizo Taco, Beef n Biscuit, Apple & Cabbage Slaw

In fact, Smoke Et Al Mobile Smokery often sets up in two locations very near my house – Friedman’s Army Surplus and Elmington Park.  A 3 minute drive is much easier for me than a 30 minute one!

The food truck scene in Nashville is booming and I try my best to get out and sample as many of them as I can, but not all of them impress me. If you read about one here, it means that I really, really, really like it. Maybe even love a little.

That’s the case with Smoke Et Al. Their Twitter tagline, “Nashville’s only competition boutique BBQ, custom food truck, utilizing available local ingredients to offer unique & creative fare that’s beyond BBQ!”, pretty much says it all. High quality, interesting food, sourced locally as much as possible- all the things that I’m usually looking for in a meal.



Fried Pickled Okra with Bama White Sauce


Now, there are some specific items I need to mention. First is the chicken & chorizo taco I had a few weeks ago.

The shredded smoked chicken and Wedge Oak Farm chorizo were served on a toasted flour tortilla along with shredded romaine, Chihuahuan cheese, sliced radish, fresh jalapeno, house salsa fresco, cilantro, and cilantro sour cream. Hello. Seriously amazing. Like, I could eat one every day and never tire of it amazing.

Another impressive dish – the beef and biscuit (Bn’B), a herb cheddar biscuit that’s baked on the truck, piled high with smoked beef “machaca” (Mexican style shredded beef), a housemade Yazoo Brew Bells Bend Preservation ale mustard and pickled onions finished with smoked sea salt.

Probably my favorite dish of all, though, the one that I order each time I visit the truck, is the Fried Pickled Okra with Bama White Sauce.

Think you don’t like okra? Well, I challenge you to order this anyway. I’m 99.9% sure you’ll change your tune.



Smoked Brisket Tacos and Pickled Market Veggies


I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’ve got a strategy for ordering this okra, because I couldn’t eat a whole order by myself every time or I’d be as big as the side of their truck….

They always seem to have a healthier side as an option, so that’s what I order with my main dish. Two of my favorites have been the apple & cabbage slaw, a combo of red and green cabbage, three apples (Fuji, Cameo, Granny Smith) and beet greens in a sweet Southern mustard dressing, and the pickled market veggies- simple, tangy, crunchy, and delicious.

Then, I order my husband the fried okra and steal a couple of pieces when he isn’t looking. Good plan, right?

Now, take my advice and hunt these guys down. You won’t be disappointed.

Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and/or their website to keep up with where they’ll be from day to day!