Sloco Sammies – Local, Organic, Quick

A couple of weeks back I mentioned several new restaurants that were on my radar. Well, one of them opens tomorrow and recently I was able to get a sneak preview of what is to come.

Chef Jeremy Barlow has created a sandwich shop like no other in town. As soon as you step in the door of Sloco, you won’t be able to  miss the philosophy upon which these guys operate. Clearly painted on the wall is the Sloco Declaration of Food Independence. With a focus on high quality, local, and in-season ingredients, they’re going to prove that you can get an affordable lunch that’s both quick and good for you.


Though the menu isn’t huge, it’s well thought out, and definitely has something for everyone. There are plenty of vegetarian, gluten free, and even kids’ options. We’re talking everything from vegan meatball subs to chicken salad to peanut butter.  Prices range from $3.50 (kids’ sammies) up to $8 for the Pastrami – a sub roll filled with sliced pastrami, sharp cheddar, tomato spread, garlic vinaigrette, olive oil, pickled relish, and micro herbs.

Located just a few doors down from Las Paletas and Burger Up, Sloco is sure to to be the next one on the block with a line out the door. But rest assured, that line will move fast!

Inside Sloco the line moves quickly!

When I say fast, I really mean it. On the day I visited, so did 15 of my other food blogger friends. We were all allowed to order whatever we wanted from the menu, and watched  as the guys on the line worked at lightning speed. I honestly think we were all in and out the door in less than 5 minutes.

As people start to catch on to the online ordering (which will be up and running when the doors open), things should go even quicker.

For a location that has limited parking, this is a genius idea if you ask me. You can hop online to order your meal, then when it’s ready, they’ll call or text you letting you know. Something else that’s important to point out- there is a 10 minute pick up/drop off zone right outside the front door of Sloco, making it easy to drop in, grab your sammie, and go!

Sloco’s Chicken Pesto Sandwich

You didn’t think I would write this whole post without giving you a glimpse of the food did you?

Many of the other bloggers shared a few bites of their sandwiches, so I was able to get a nibble of the Redneck Reuben and the Cordon Bleu, both very tasty. I was so in love with my own delicious Chicken Pesto Sandwich though, that I was pretty stingy and gobbled up almost the entire thing all by myself. The combination of chicken, herb pesto, marinated tomatoes and greens on sub roll was perfection to me.

So fresh and flavorful… and that  bun! It was fantastic, and I’m a pretty hard sell when it comes to bread. Even more impressive is that all of the bread (except the gluten free) is made in-house.

One final piece of advice- add a bag of the addictive Chilean Lime Avocado Oil Chips and a bottle of Mandarin Key Lime Oogave’ soda. You’re welcome :-)

Sloco 12 South

2905 12th Avenue S
Nashville, TN 37204

Mon – Sat 11 am – 3 pm

Order Online: