Revisiting a Nashville Classic: Hermitage Hotel’s Capitol Grille

Crab Cake at Capitol Grille
Grilled corn, cucumber & red onion salad, basil coulis

With a dizzying number of new dining establishments opening in Nashville these days, it has become increasingly difficult for me to get to all of them. The “to do” restaurant list I keep on my phone just keeps growing and growing and growing.

In the midst of all of the shiny and new, it’s sometimes easy to forget the classics, those that were here long before Nashville became It City. Recently I had the opportunity to visit one of those originals: The Capitol Grille, located inside the historic Hermitage Hotel. The oldest and longest running restaurant in the state opened its doors in 1910. Over 100 years ago, y’all.



That has to say something, right? Ashamedly I admit that it had been a few years since my last visit, but I can say without a doubt that I won’t let that happen again.

This meal was absolutely top notch. In fact, days later, my husband commented that it was the best meal he’s had all year.


Roasted Bone Marrow
Charred beech mushrooms, black garlic, lemon gremolata

So what did we eat? A lot. While I won’t go through every single dish, I’ll at least point out my absolute favorites, starting with the bone marrow. I know, I get it. Some of you just can’t do it, and I understand. If that’s you, just skip right on down to the next dish.

Because I’d hate for you to have to have to listen to me talk about how amazing I think this roasted bone marrow with mushrooms was. Seriously, I just kept going back for more and more. It wouldn’t surprise me if fellow diners  told me that they didn’t even get to try it because I kept it all to myself. In fact, that might have happened. Oops.


Southern Oysters Rockefeller
Creamed collards, crispy Tennessee ham, charred lemon

Then there were the Southern Oysters Rockefeller. I’m not usually a big oyster fan– it’s not that I dislike them, I just don’t understand people that are obsessed with them. I can usually take them or leave them. But these? These topped with creamed collards and crispy country ham? I’ll take them ALL, thank you.


Glen Leven Heirloom Tomato Salad
Mixed heirloom tomatoes, burrata cheese, dill pesto

As summer winds to an end, I’ll soon be mourning the disappearance of fresh tomatoes. And the heirloom tomato salad with burrata and dill pesto that was placed in front of me that night at Capitol Grille was perfection.

While we’re talking fresh produce, did you know that Capitol Grille has it’s own vegetable garden? Just down Franklin Road toward Brentwood is Glen Leven, where they source most of their produce. In addition to the garden, they also have their own cattle farm, Double H Farms, located in White Bluff. Pretty cool to know that almost everything on your plate is coming from right down the road.



Other dishes that impressed were the fish special of the evening (I can’t remember what all it included, but I do know watermelon and olives were involved. Who thought to put those together? Genius.), and a roasted beet salad with local goat cheese, arugula, and raspberry vinaigrette. Have I mentioned that I loooovvvve beets? Now you know.


Roasted Lamb Chop and Lamb Sausage
Goat cheese artichoke fondue, Glen Leven summer squash

But the ultimate? Lamb served two ways. I die.

This lamb chop and lamb sausage with goat cheese artichoke fondue and summer squash combined so many things I love that I can’t even properly express my feelings with words.



Of course you can’t end a meal without dessert, and we had three! The coconut cake (not pictured) was the crowd pleaser, but as is typical, I dove headfirst into the chocolate mousse. A sweet ending to one of the sweetest dining experiences I’ve had in Nashville in a long time.

Moral of the story: take the time to revisit some of the gems that paved the way in making our city the dining destination it has become today. There’s a good reason they’ve stood the test of time, and this experience was absolutely proof of it.



Capitol Grille

in the Hermitage Hotel
231 6th Ave N
Nashville, TN 37219


Disclaimer: Capitol Grille provided me with a complimentary dining experience, however, I was not compensated for this post, and was not required to share the experience. As always, opinions are solely mine!