Virago Launching Fall Brunch 9/10


Berries & Tofu at Virago Brunch
fresh berries, wasabi pea granola, whipped tofu

Have you heard? There’s a new brunch coming to town and you’re going to want to take advantage of it while it lasts.

Virago‘s fall brunch will officially kick off to the public this Saturday, September 10th and be offered every  Saturday and Sunday throughout the rest of September and all of October.



Virago’s A.M. Chirashi Don – smoked salmon, bagel cured salmon, albacore, tamago, asparagus slaw, avocado, salmon roe


Recently I was invited to a preview of the rooftop brunch, so I thought I’d give you a little peek at everything we got to sample. First, I can tell you that this not your typical brunch menu, which makes it really exciting.

You’ll find twists on breakfast favorites and completely unique items that you may have never heard of, but you’re definitely going to want to try!



Virago Soft Scotch Egg – soft egg, tsukune (chicken meatball that’s wrapped around the egg), black currant mustard, shungiku (chrysanthemum greens)

I’ve known Chef Andrew Whitney for a few years now — since he was the Executive Chef for one of my favorite food trucks (Riff’s Fine Street Food) turned brick and mortar, Riff’s Cafe. If you haven’t been to Virago since Drew took over the kitchen, this is your chance to go see what he is doing. I promise, you’re going to like it. A lot.



Bacon and Eggs Mazemen at Virago – soft egg, pork belly, arugula, pickled tomato

My absolute favorite dish of the preview was the Bacon & Eggs Mazemen, which is like a ramen noodle dish. Those pickled tomatoes were the perfect little bite to cut the richness of the egg, noodles and pork belly.

Even though I was pretty stuffed (do you see all the food we ate???) I kept going back to this plate for another bite. And another. And another. So good.


Virago’s Cereal Roll
sweet rice, inari tofu, mascarpone, crunch, rolled in fruity pebbles, sweet condensed milk

While I typically prefer savory breakfast and brunch dishes, I certainly was not opposed to finishing off the meal with a little something sweet. I’d definitely recommend this fruity sushi roll for sharing with a group – it’s plenty to feed 4 or even 6, depending on how much of a sweet tooth you have.



Virago’s Cereal Roll
sweet rice, inari tofu, mascarpone, crunch, rolled in fruity pebbles, sweet condensed milk

That’s just a little preview of a few dishes you’ll have to choose from – you can check out the full menu here. There are so many great things being offered up that I might just have to be there every single weekend between now and the end of October to get through it all!

Roasted Hazelnut Burrata definitely needs to happen in my life. Burrata, arugula, toasted hazelnuts, citrus and blueberry balsamic vinaigrette with grilled bread…uh huh.

Oh, and the Bacon & Egg Hand Roll…and the Breakfast Bomb…and the Wagyu Kimcheese Burger and the Pork Belly Corn Dog. And did I mention the view? The best.


Virago Brunch with a view (photo by Michael Sati)



1126 McGavock St
Nashville, TN 37203

Brunch with a View (on the patio through October)
Sat-Sun 11 am-3 pm