Sips, Bits, and Bites: Spring 2016

There isn’t always time for me to write a full blown post on all of my eating and drinking experiences so I’ve decided that once every couple of months, I’m just going to share a few short bits on some of my current favorites instead of waiting until I have time to give you an essay.

Here’s a quick look at some new-ish Nashville places and meals that I give my full stamp of approval~


 Cocktail at Bastion Nashville

Two new watering holes have opened near me recently and I am head over heels for both of them! Old Glory can be a little tricky to find if you haven’t been there before as it’s tucked away in Edgehill Village behind Taco Mamacita. The former boiler room has an entrance off the alley or you can enter a door next to Legato Gelato. It’s definitely worth the search, as it’s one of the coolest bar spaces I’ve seen in a while. (And the drinks are fab too, of course.)

Bastion in Wedgewood Houston is the latest and greatest Strategic Hospitality/Josh Habiger project, and like many of their other businesses, I’m enamored. I love the layout, I love the bleacher seating, I love the cocktails and I absolutely, totally love the fact that they have Galaga!!!! Oh, and their nachos….the best. They may currently only have one food item on the menu, but man, they do them well.



Photo of me taking photo of sandwich by my friend Tabitha, A la Mode Media


Last month Hattie B‘s launched the first new menu item they’ve added since they opened, and they hit it out of the ballpark. Their new spicy hot chicken sandwich topped with slaw and Nashville comeback sauce on a buttery toasted bun is the perfect solution to eating hot chicken on-the-go.



Photo of the Goo Goo Shop’s Grilled Pimento Cheese by my friend Phillip, Southern Fatty


Naturally, I’ve been spending a lot of time at the Goo Goo Shop these last few months as we opened the new Dessert Bar. There have been days where I felt like all I’ve eaten is sugar on top of sugar. Thankfully, now I don’t have to subsist on cheesecake, sundaes, and pie alone when I’m there working, as last month the Goo Goo Shop Dessert Bar softly and quietly started testing a savory lunch menu. While I’ve enjoyed everything on the menu, my hands-down favorite is the Grilled Pimento Cheese Sandwich. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s one of the best I’ve ever had. The best part — it’s not too heavy, so there is plenty of room for dessert :-)

The Dessert Bar is now officially serving lunch Monday – Friday 11 am – 3 pm, so you can come check it out for yourself.



 Prima Chef’s Table

I’ve enjoyed many fantastic meals at Prima over the past year+, and recommend it often, particularly for special occasion dining. Last month I had the opportunity to partake in their Chef’s Table experience with some of my best foodie friends, and it cemented the restaurant’s spot on my personal Top 5 Nashville restaurants list.

Chef Sal is super talented, and this meal definitely allows him to shine. The menu is different for every Chef’s Table, and what you will be eating is a surprise, which I absolutely love. Trust the chef and I promise, you’ll be happy you did.