It’s Not Delivery. And it’s Not Digiorno.

It’s better. Much, much better. Brace yourself- it’s Costco.

For those of you that know me personally and sometimes say that I must be Wonder Woman to do all the things that I do, this is proof that I’m not! There are times when my packed schedule begins to overwhelm me. Right now is one of those times.

A few months ago while shopping at the Costco near my office, I spotted this Take & Bake Margherita Pizza and thought it was so beautiful. That may sound silly, but it’s true. The bright red tomatoes, big hunks of white mozzarella, the lovely green leaves of fresh basil…gorgeous!

One thing you should know- I don’t eat a lot of pizza. This is very unfortunate for my husband, a man that likes to eat it at least once a week (if not more). So since I don’t often have a hankering- can’t say that I’ve ever actually craved it– I’ve never once thought of purchasing this lovely.

That is, until recently when I stopped at Costco on a work-related research mission, completely exhausted from my job, travel, and yes, food events. Focused on the mission at hand, I did my best get in and out of there in 10 minutes flat…but, alas, she caught my eye. This time, instead of just pausing at the cooler to admire the beauty as I normally do, I did the craziest thing….I picked it up and put it in my cart.

You see, it was just one of those times when my mind was going in a million directions and the thought of having to get inspired to cook a meal (and clean up for that matter), was not the least bit appealing. Hallelujah for impulse buys!

This is a whopping 2.88lbs of scrumptiousness for only $9.99. Remember how I said I don’t get cravings for pizza? I take that back.

I meant to snap a photo of the whole pie after taking it out of the oven, but as you can see, I gobbled up 2 pieces before I remembered to take the picture!