The Sweet Stash Oatmeal Sandwich Cookie

Oatmeal Sandwich Cookie from The Sweet Stash


Add this cookie to my list of favorite Nashville things.

Its fan club has been growing for some time now, and after hearing so much about it, I knew I must try it. Now I understand why the fans have been so vocal.

The Sweet Stash is at the Nashville Farmers’ Market every Saturday and at least one other day of the week. To keep up with exactly when they’ll be there, follow them on Facebook.

Then, go buy one of these cookies. Just be sure to get there early because, as many before you have learned, they’ll be gone if you wait too long!

Side Note: Now I must somehow figure out a way to get the most magnificent peanut butter cookie on the planet into Whitney’s hands and convince her to recreate it. After tasting this creation of hers, I am absolutely confident she’d do a bang up job, and then I would no longer have to go all the way to Minneapolis for it!