Birthday Sushi at Virago

When it came time to decide how I wanted to spend my birthday this year, I think I shocked pretty much everyone I know by choosing something really low key.

You see, I’m sorta known for multi-day celebrations and big parties. But having just survived three fairly exhausting weekends of the Kentucky Derby, Steeplechase and Eat Write Retreat, the last thing I wanted to do was plan another big weekend of food, drink, and antics.

Virago’s White Dragon Roll
shrimp, tuna, avocado, cucumber, pickled onions, cilantro and wasabi mayo
sesame seeds, scallions, orange ponzu with sriracha sauce

Of course, considering the places I chose are fairly hot spots here in Nashville, I guess some might not really consider my evening “low key”….

The night started with a couple of cocktails at The Patterson House before moving on to dinner at an old favorite, Virago. I’ve had a mad craving for sushi lately, and since I consider Virago’s to be the best in town, I couldn’t think of a better place to spend my birthday.

Dynamite Roll – spicy tuna, salmon, cucumber, masago and sesame seeds

As we sipped our Strawberry Elderflower Sparkles on the rooftop patio, the table started to fill with my most beloved rolls, including the one that I’m afraid most people overlook, the Rainbow Box. Since my friend Charmaine introduced it to me a couple of years ago, I haven’t been able to step foot in the place without ordering one.


Rainbow Box Roll
lump crab meat salad topped with ahi, salmon and red snapper sashimi with arare cracker

Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? That arare cracker is what throws it into a whole other league.

Then there was the roll my friend Amanda insisted on ordering, the most expensive one on the menu. The Kayne Prime roll is very different than typical sushi… this one has steak on it!

Kayne Prime Roll
lobster tempura, pickled onion, avocado, jalapeño, wrapped in soy paper and chipotle rice, topped with
torched beef, sweet garlic soy, sriracha and wasabi mayo


So I”m curious -do you get sushi cravings like I do? If so, where do you go to satisfy yours?


1126 McGavock Street
Nashville TN 37203
(615) 254-1902

Open 5pm – Midnight, 7 Days a Week