The Oaks, the Derby and Martha

We just got back from a long weekend of mint juleps, hats, and horse racing, so I don’t have time to write much but I thought I’d share some photos with you!

The weekend started off bright and early Friday morning, when hubs, some friends and I loaded a bus to make the drive from Nashville to Louisville. Once we gathered the rest of the group there, it was off to the Oaks at Churchill Downs.

I was on the lookout for Bobby Flay since he had a horse running that day, but the only place I ever spotted him was on a TV screen. However, I did run into another celebrity….

Yes folks, that is me chatting it up with Martha Stewart!

You might notice, she does not have a hat. Odd, huh? You’d think she would’ve crafted one special for the occasion.


That night we had a fabulous dinner at Jack Fry’s, then followed up with a few more drinks at a local bar where I ran into some old college friends.  Finally, about 3 a.m. we called it a night.

As you can imagine it took a little extra coffee, some mimosas and a bloody mary or two to get us all going again Saturday morning.


Saturday morning on our bus on the way to the Derby


But we made it!


Another day full of betting where I won a whopping $18 (luckily others in our group fared much better).


The view of winner’s circle from the 6th floor


There’s nothing quite like the Kentucky Derby. It was definitely a marathon weekend, and despite the fact that I’m still exhausted, it was completely worth it!