Avitae Caffeine Water



Caffeine Water! — Yes, there really is such a thing.

In the interest of full disclosure, my initial introduction to Avitae (pronounced “uh-vee-tay”) was through a press release and offer to sample the product. As I’ve told you before, I get quite a lot of these types of emails, so it takes a special one to really grab my attention. In this case, the promise of “Zero calories, zero sugars, zero artificial ingredients and no aftertaste”, but plenty of kick (my own words), definitely piqued my interest.

You see, I don’t particularly like sodas, and I hate energy drinks (blech!) but I do feel like I sometimes need caffeine, and I don’t always want a cup of coffee to give me that boost I’m looking for. After having a child 2.5 years ago, morning coffee became a new part of my daily routine out of necessity. Running on little sleep most of the time, it was not only a wake-me-up, be essential for helping me focus.

However, in recent months I’ve gone back to early morning workouts (my pre-baby morning ritual), and I don’t like drinking a hot cup of coffee before, during, or immediately following my workout. But I do need to drink lots of water, so Avitae sounded like just the type of drink that would be a perfect kick off to my day!

So I said yes to the samples, and I became a fan. Unlike sugar-filled sodas and energy drinks, Avitae Caffeine Water contains natural caffeine derived from green coffee beans, so it helps you stay hydrated and energized without all the added calories and sugar high spike.

There are 3 strengths of Avitae available:

45 mg of natural caffeine (equivalent to 1/2 cup of coffee)
90 mg of natural caffeine (equivalent to 1 cup of coffee)
125-milligram level (equivalent to 1 1/2 cups of coffee)

After sampling, I knew I wanted to keep drinking these, so I ordered a case of 45 and 90 from Amazon. I wish they were sold at retail in the Nashville area, but currently they aren’t, so for now, I’ll just use my Amazon Prime account to stock up. For those of you living in other areas, be sure to visit visit  www.goavitae.com/find-now/ to see if there is a retailer near you. If not, just use Amazon or check Office Depot’s online store.


Disclosure: I received 3 free samples of Avitae caffeine water but I was not compensated for this post and opinions are solely mine. The link provided to Amazon is to my Amazon store, where I can earn a small percentage on purchases I refer using that link.