Music City Eats: Brunch in Nashville

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You may recall my excitement a few weeks back after attending a press conference for the inaugural Music City Eats Festival happening here in Nashville September 21st-22nd. Missed that post? Well check it out now for the scoop.

I’m fortunate to be working with Music City Eats as a local ambassador, sharing with them my food experiences and helping to spread the word about the event.

Last month on their blog, I offered up my picks for whiskeys/bourbons that would make great Father’s Day gifts. This month, I’m talking about the spots where you can typically find me eating brunch here in Nashville. At the end of this post, be sure to click the link taking you to the rest of my picks on the Music City Eats blog!


Fido brunch

Brunch at Fido in Hillsboro Village

Over the years, Fido has been mentioned here on the blog several times, but usually it’s to announce a special event or dinner they’re having. I haven’t really ever just talked about going there on a normal Saturday morning and having breakfast. Or brunch on a Sunday. Or lunch on a Tuesday. And that’s weird because I do that a lot. Like, in comparison to other places, a whole whole lot.

Sometimes the places that have been around the longest and I frequent the most often are taken for granted and that’s not fair, so today I’m giving this Hillsboro Village gem the attention it deserves!


Fido’s grilled salmon, spicy kale, stewed tomatoes, cheese grits, crispy onion and feta


Upon entry to Fido, you can’t miss the delicious aroma of locally roasted Bongo Java coffee, and while some people might think of Fido as just a coffee shop, it’s sooooo much more than that. While I pretty much always order one of their delicious coffee drinks, it’s the food that truly keeps me coming back time and time again.

Since the focus of this post is brunch, it’s probably a good idea that I let you know their breakfast menu is served all day long, every day, 7 days a week! And the breakfast menu options are extensive – egg scrambles, tortas, pancakes, bagel sandwiches, huevos rancheros & cubanos, just to name a few.

But as great as the menu is, I like to steer people toward the Daily Specials chalkboard that looms above the front counter, because in my opinion, that’s where magic happens. One delicious customer favorite that shows up quite often on the board is the Sweet Potato French Toast, served with maple, powdered sugar, caramel, pecans and whipped cream. For this one, you might want to get there fairly early (before 10?) because it can – and does  – sell out.

 Fido’s Green Chile Mac & Cheese 
with sauteed local spinach, poblano sauce, jalapeno, feta, roasted red pepper


If you’re more of a savory brunch person, the grilled salmon on cheese grits is a personal fave that pops up on the board from time to time. Or, there’s always the burger.

A mixture of ground beef and lamb, topped with cheddar, caramelized fennel, fig aioli, fried onion, pickle and lettuce, Fido’s Local Burger is the best of the best. It got its start on that specials board, but has now been added to the permanent menu and is now served any time one’s heart desires it! (and for me, that’s often!)


1812 21st Ave S
Nashville, TN 37212
(615) 777-3436
Open 7 days a week – 7am11pm


Pineapple Sage Mimosa at The Stone Fox


While Fido has been around for many years, The Stone Fox is a relative newcomer on the Nashville dining scene. And actually, it’s not just a dining and drinking establishment – it’s also an awesome live music venue.

This little West Nashville establishment was started by the creative brother and sister team William (a full time musician) and Elise Tyler (founder of Halcyon Bike Shop and film producer). Their goal was to  create a homey gathering space for friends and neighbors, and they’ve done just that.

The funky decor of retro tables, mismatched dining chairs, velvet paintings, gold tinsel, and garlands of twinkle lights sets a playful tone and immediately puts one at ease.


Savory “Weekend Waffle” at The Stone Fox – prosciutto, mozzarella, bolognese, fresh herbs

While most music venues in town don’t put a lot of focus on their food, that’s certainly not the case at The Stone Fox. Here they utilize as many local ingredients as possible, and just one glance at the menu lets you know the dishes have been well thought out. It’s also nice to see that there is a good balance between healthy and some not-so-healthy breakfast dishes.

From fried chicken and waffles to the King Rabbit – a sauteed hash of seasonal vegetables, kale, sweet potatoes, onions and jalapenos – the regular menu boasts interesting options for the carnivore and vegetarian alike. Be sure to check out the specials as well, as there’s always some interesting dishes to be found there, like the savory weekend waffle pictured above.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out The Stone Fox yet, grab a friend and do so soon!


The Stone Fox
712 51st Ave N
Nashville, TN 37209
(615) 953-1811

Saturday & Sunday 11am-3pm


Now hop over to the Music City Eats blog to see the rest of my brunch go-tos!