New Nashville Food Trucks App



Over the last couple of years, I’ve devoted a few blog posts to some of my favorite food trucks, but what I’ve written about doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the choices that are out there.  Did you know there are over 30 active food trucks that make up the Nashville Food Truck Association? It seems like only yesterday that there was only one mobile food truck in town!

Then there were two or three. Then six. Back in those days, it obviously wasn’t too difficult to keep up with who was where on what day. But as more and more trucks hit the streets of Nashville, it became more and more of a pain to keep up with it all.

It meant stalking multiple Twitter feeds and Facebook pages. Some were good at posting their schedules in advance…some not so much so. Then came the Nashville Food Trucks website and Twitter account, awesome resources for navigating the food truck scene.

And now we’ve got something that makes it even easier to track them down: the Nashville Food Truck Association just launched a smart phone app! LOVE it.

With the touch of a finger, I can now see all food truck locations and event dates in one place!

nashville food truck iphone app


Available on both iPhone and Android, you can locate trucks by name (screen shot above) as well by date (screen shot below). The schedule goes well into the future, so you can even plan ahead for upcoming food truck events.

In celebration of this big app launch, for the month of May, the group has kicked of the inaugural “Nashville Street Food Month.” All the trucks in the association are offering a one-time $1 discount on a purchase of  $10 or more to all customers who download the app and mention it at time of purchase.

The goal is to get everyone out to try a food truck during May. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a pretty lengthy list of trucks I’ve been wanting to try, so I’m going to make it a point to hit at least one of them per week from now until May 31st!