Desserts to Celebrate Goo Goo’s 100th

Signage for participating restaurants- be on the lookout this month!


Remember how I said I’d been really busy with work and I’d soon be telling you all about what I’ve been doing? Well, I’m thrilled to finally be able to announce one of the big projects that has kept me occupied for the last few weeks!

For the entire month of October, over 40 Nashville restaurants, cafes, food trucks, and bakeries will be wishing Goo Goo Cluster a Happy 100th by creating and serving a dessert inspired by the candy.

I personally delivered a case of Goo Goo Clusters to every single one of those restaurants in a two week span of time. Every. Single. One. Whew.



 Biscuit Love’s “The Howell Campbell” bonuts – fried biscuit dough filled with marshmallow cream, rolled in peanut butter dust, drizzled with caramel and served with chocolate gravy


But I really can’t complain, because I’ve already started reaping the rewards of all of that hard labor.

Yes, I’m talking about sampling. I’m trying not to think too much about the pounds I’m likely going to pack on this October. Goo Goo Cluster only turns 100 once, so I’m going to live it up. Bring on the chocolate, caramel, marshmallow and peanuts!

I’m sharing some photos with you today of just a few of the amazing dessert creations I’ve been fortunate enough to taste so far. Decadent, delicious, incredible, heavenly, ridiculous – those are just a few of the adjectives I found myself uttering aloud as I savored each of these desserts. Wow. You guys are in for a real treat.


F Scott’s peanut butter and Goo Goo Cluster tart with Benton’s bacon, marshmallow meringue, graham cracker crust


For a full alphabetical list of participating restaurants and links to their websites, you can visit the Goo Goo blog. Since I had to run all over town delivering to these places, my personal list is sorted by area of town (yes, I’m anal like that), so I thought that might be helpful for you as well!

Food Trucks

Biscuit Love
Smoke Et Al
Grilled Cheeserie
Hit & Miss Ice Cream

Downtown Nashville

Copper Kettle
The Southern
Capitol Grille
The Sportsgrille at the Hilton
Coffee, Lunch.
Prime 108 at Union Station


Jimmy Kelly’s


Germantown Café
The Cupcake Collection

East Nashville

Pied Piper Creamery
The Pharmacy


The Ultimate Goo Goo Gift from Nero’s Grill – puff pastry filled
with crushed Goo Goo pieces, accompanied by drizzle of caramel, chocolate, and
fresh whipped cream

Green Hills/Hillsboro Village/Sylvan Park

F Scott’s
Table 3
The Painted Cupcake
Nero’s Grill
Copper Kettle
McCabe Pub

Belmont/12South/Berry Hill

Cha Chah
Yellow Porch

Gulch/8th Ave

Turnip Truck Urban Fare


Goo Goo Pie at Bound’ry – Chocolate cookie crust, chocolate nougat, salted caramel, peanuts, marshmallow cream, raspberry sauce


West Nashville

Porta Via
The Wild Hare
Loveless Café


Chef’s Market


Red Pony
55 South
Porta Via
Martin’s BBQ
Wild Iris


Fido’s “Cuckoo for Goo Goo” Cheesecake – cheesecake with coffee, caramel, goo goo cluster, graham cracker crust, and toasted marshmallow topping

The dessert celebration is among the many events scheduled to commemorate a century of Goo Goo Cluster. Additional events will include the Goo Goo Cluster Jog ‘n Hog, The Great Goo Goo Scavenger Hunt, online contests, and appearances at Nashville area events. Visit for more details.