The Catbird Seat. Yes, This is Nashville.

Our 1st course at The Catbird Seat: Baby Radish with Uni Butter, Hot Chicken Skin, Porcini Mushroom Oreo with Parmesan Cream


Sitting at the 30 person counter within the sanctuary that is The Catbird Seat, one might experience a “Dorothy moment”.  But instead of realizing you’re not in Kansas anymore, you might begin to think that you’re not in Nashville. But you are.

And this is a very, very good thing.

When The Catbird Seat opened in October, I had reservations on Night 3 of service. So why am I just now getting around to writing about it? To be completely honest, I was at a loss for words.

What could I possibly say that would do this experience justice? Exactly. The answer is – nothing.



Starter course at The Catbird Seat: Charcoal BBQ Root Vegetables-  Carrots, Beets, Rutabaga, Salsify, Potato, Crispy Pheasant, Gelee


Luckily, I don’t have to say anything, because the praise has been rolling in from others around the country that can say it far better than I can. Local critic Carrington Fox of the Nashville Scene wrote a poetic piece that nearly transports you into one of those 30 seats at the counter.

Then there were national shout-outs from the New York Times, Food Republic, and the Today Show, who highlighted The Catbird Seat during a recent travel segment on culinary destinations. Nashville as a culinary destination? I have to believe that this little gem above The Patterson House has something to do with our fair city finally getting that kind of recognition.


Wedge Oak Farm Chicken, butternut squash, spaghetti squash, chicken jus, smoked tea

While I can give you some facts about what to expect and some photos from my evening, in order to truly understand it, you must experience it for yourself.

What I can tell you is that my head was spinning as each and every beautiful, mind-boggling plate was placed in front of me.

For anyone that has an appreciation for food, watching Chefs Josh Habiger and Erik Anderson in action just a few feet in front of you and being able to question them about ingredients and techniques is truly an incredible delight.



Steak, Chicken of the Wood Mushrooms, Potato Butter, Poached Egg, Potato-Thyme Crumble


For those who love to have fun with food, the concept of The Catbird Seat will make you giddy with excitement.

With an ever-changing, seasonal menu, you won’t have any idea what you’re going to be served until it’s placed in front of you. And even then, you’re probably going to need an explanation!

Food allergies or restrictions? No problem. Just be sure to let them know when you make your reservation and they will gladly accommodate, making your experience as amazing as your dining companion’s.

Reservations? A quick glance shows that there are very few openings left for January, but the system is set up as a 30 day rolling calendar, which means that on January 1st, February 1st will open. So if you have a special date in mind, keep on top of it and book your reservation as soon as possible.


Jasper Hill Harbison Cheese, Fennel, Black Walnut Crumbs, Pine Foam


Cost? I’m sure you’ve heard that it’s pricey. I’m not denying that. But every meal is at least 7 courses (usually more), and for $100/person, I personally think it’s worth every penny.

I’m by no means rich, and despite what some people think, I do actually pay for my meals when dining out. So can I afford to eat here often? No. But I look at it like this…. some people like cars, jewelry, electronics- and they spend a lot of money on them.

But me? I don’t care too much about any of those things. However, as you surely can tell by now, I’m passionate about food. It makes me happy. So, yes, I’ll spend money on what gives me pleasure, which includes The Catbird Seat. And when I’m there, I’ll savor every single bite and hold on to that memory until the next time. And I’m hoping that next time is very soon….

The Catbird Seat
1711 Division Street
Nashville, TN  37203