My Holiday Wish List and a Gift Guide

The hands of time and the pages of my calendar moved too quickly this year. Did that happen to anyone else?

Somehow Christmas is 10 days away and I only have 5 gifts purchased. FIVE. However, as of last night, I have a plan to knock out several more, though I can’t yet say what that plan is. (I wouldn’t want anyone to know what they’re getting!)

The other problem I’ve had is coming up with my own wish list for Santa. With baby on the way, all I’ve thought about are the items we’ll need for him/her, so when I’ve been asked, that’s what I said.

In the last few days though, I’ve come up with a few fun things. They’re absolutely not necessities by any means, but if Santa’s elves are still on the production line in the workshop, maybe they’ll whip up a couple for me ;-)


My Wish List


MyDrap Tear-off Napkins

Am I a complete weirdo to have napkins on this list? I can’t help myself – I just love the concept. Made of cotton and offered in a rainbow of pretty colors, they’re re-usable and bio-degradable! My Drap Napkins are sold in a tear-off roll, and you can toss them into the wash after use. These would be great for anyone that likes to entertain (including me)!


ClaySwan’s Festive Tableware

Recently I stumbled upon this etsy shop full of vibrant, happy, handmade things. This little platter is just one of the many that make me smile.



OXO Cookie Scoops

After quite a bit of cookie-baking recently, I realized that my kitchen could really use some cookie scoopers. Small, medium, large, I really don’t care. Any of them would be better than the system I had going last weekend. Let’s just say I had more cookie dough on me than on the tablespoon I was trying to use to measure and drop!


Gift Guide for the Food & Drink Enthusiast

Now enough about me. Do you still have alot of shopping left to do, and need some inspiration? Well, I can at least help you out with some ideas for the food & drink enthusiasts in your life. These are a few awesome products that I’ve featured over the last couple of years. All are items I personally own and absolutely adore!

1) Vonny Farmers’ Market Tote and Casserole Carrier

2) Corn Zipper

3) Prepara Herb Savor

4) Silicone Muffin Cups

5) Spherical Ice Trays

6) Vinturi Wine Aerator


And then there’s an item I haven’t shown you yet. My friend Antoinette surprised me with these cute etched glass mugs a while back. She’s got all sorts of shapes and styles to choose from, and can personalize with pretty much anything you want. Just check out her Etsy shop here. They’d be great in a gift bag along with some hot chocolate, a 6 pack of beer, or a bottle of wine (if you got wine glasses, not the mugs, of course!).

Happy Shopping!