In Support of Table 3

Table 3’s Goat Cheese Tart
fresh herb and heirloom tomato salad, grilled onion, balsamic drizzle and hazelnuts


Back in September, the team behind F. Scott’s restaurant in Green Hills opened Table 3 in the old Bistro 215 space by the mall. I’m ashamed to admit that even though it’s in my neighborhood, it took me over two months to get there and try it out for the first time. Then when I did, I was kicking myself for not coming sooner! After that first lovely lunch visit in late November, I immediately started recommending it to everyone I knew. When a friend asked me to dinner a couple of weeks later, I suggested Table 3. My adoration of the restaurant grew even more with that meal. Throughout December, I continued to send people their way when asked for recommendations, and was looking forward to dining there with my husband in the near future.

Then, in the early morning hours of January 4th, I saw the disturbing news on Twitter that Table 3 was on fire! My hope was that it was just a small kitchen fire and had been quickly contained, but as the day progressed, the news was a bit more grim. The fire did extensive damage, and sadly, Table 3 is going to be closed for an undetermined period of time as they clean up and repair.


Table 3’s Grilled North Atlantic Salmon
roasted tomato-brown butter hollandaise, truffle lentils and baby arugula


About the time I had finally accepted the fact that I wouldn’t be eating any of their delicious food again any time soon, I heard some fantastic news. F. Scott’s, their sister restaurant, was going to begin opening on Sundays to serve a Table 3 brunch!! Not only that, but rumor has it that one of my favorite dishes is on the menu– the Duck Confit. Unfortunately, my photo below doesn’t adequately display the beauty of this dish.  Please believe me when I say – it is CRAZY good!


Table 3’s Crispy Duck Confit
whole duck leg over black lentils with goat cheese, marcona almonds and tomato and herb salad with chive dijonette

No word yet if the decadent Potato Leek Gratin is on the menu, but another standout dish, the Cassoulet, a slow-cooked white bean and pork stew with duck confit and garlic sausage, is said to be.  Oh man, I cannot get there fast enough!


Table 3’s Potato Leek Gratin


Sunday hours for the Table 3 menu are 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Please go to F. Scott’s soon and show your support of this fabulous new restaurant while they get through this difficult time! Perhaps I’ll see you there :-)


Aly, a fellow Nashville food blogger who was (& sorta still is) a cook at Table 3, just let me know that Table 3 Sundays at F. Scott’s are 11-9 every Sunday, not just brunch from 11-3!

F. Scott’s
2210 Crestmoor Road
Nashville, TN 37215
(615) 269-5861

Table 3
3821 Green Hills Village Dr.
Nashville, TN 37215
(615) 739-6900