The Burning Questions

I know you’re all probably on the edge of your seat just dying to know two things right now: where I am this week and who won the Bartender Bash last Thursday night.

Okay, so maybe you’re not losing any sleep over it, but I’m going to tell you anyway!

As many have guessed, I’m spending some time in California. I was in San Francisco, then Healdsburg, now in Yountville, and will soon be in San Diego. As you can imagine, you’ll be hearing lots about each in the days and weeks to come.

But for now, the winners from last week’s Nashville Lifestyles’ Bartender Bash!!

Best Martini

Ashley Thompson of 36o Wine Bar & Bistro for her

Lychee Martini

grey goose la poire, st germaine, lime juice, pear puree, garnished with lychee fruit

Ashley was also the winner of Best Martini last year. This girl knows her martinis!

Most Creative Cocktail

Riley Graham of Whiskey Kitchen for her

Peppered Vanilla Cocktail

grey goose vodka, liquor 43, green tea ice cream, french vanilla ice cream, roasted red pepper and cayenne pepper

By far the most creative drink of the evening, and not only that, it was crazy delicious!!

People’s Choice

Mike Reynolds of Sambuca for his

Honey Pear Lemon Drop Martini

And here are two I give my own personal “Honorable Mention” Awards:

Basil Sorbetini
by Riley Graham of Whiskey Kitchen
grey goose citron, basil infused agave, lemon and raspberry sorbets, topped with cava

April in Pear-is
by Matt Proctor of 1808 Grille
grey goose la poire, st germaine, mint, fresh squeezed lime juice, sprite

I leave you with just a small glimpse of the aftermath…