Shiny and New

Ta dah! Welcome to! That’s right, I’ve retired the old blogspot address and purchased my own domain. It was time to upgrade and give you guys something shiny and new. So take a look around, click the buttons, take her out for a spin. Some of the upgrades include recipe printing function, a plethora of search options, and the ability to subscribe to posts via email. (For those of you reading this in Google Reader, now’s probably a good time to jump over to the blog so you can see what all the fuss is about!)

As you peruse the site, you might find a few things here and there that don’t look quite right. Some formatting went a little wonky in the transfer, so over the weeks to come I’ll be polishing it up and putting on a few finishing touches. Also, not all of the recipes have been converted to printer friendly versions yet, but rest assured, they will be soon.

All the credit for the new design goes to the very talented Lindsay of Purr Designs, who you might know better as my fellow food blogging friend, Love and Olive Oil. Not only does she have an amazing design aesthetic, her brain can somehow figure out all of this crazy coding that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to grasp! Thanks Lindsay for all of your hard work, patience in fielding my many questions, and explaining things in a way that I can actually somewhat understand :-)

Like I said before, change is good! At least that’s how I feel. What about you guys? Do you like it?!?

Stack of Ribbons Image by Ellie