Random Facts About Me

My friend City Girl Chicago tagged me to post 7 random facts about myself, so here goes!

1. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a clothing designer and still have the notebooks I used as sketch pads. This might give you some idea as to why I didn’t follow that career path:

2. I’m a pretty happy, positive person in general. It’s hard for me to relate to people that are negative and grumpy all of the time. Just smile! It works wonders.

3. My hometown didn’t get its first traffic light until I was a senior in high school. Yep, it’s pretty small. There is one school for the entire county. The elementary, middle and high school are all on one campus, and my graduating class was less than 100 students.

4. My eyes are different colors. The left one is kind of hazel/brown on the top half and blue/green on the bottom half with a grayish dot in the middle. My right eye is mostly greenish grayish with a dot of brown on the outer right side.

5. My closet is organized in Roy G. Biv order.

6. I’m a bookworm. I love, love, love to read and am currently in the middle of 3 different books.

7. Several years ago I moved to San Diego without ever having stepped foot in it before. I knew there was a beach and the sun was always shining, so that was enough to get me there. As much as I love Nashville, a little part of me thinks I might end up living there again some day….even if it’s not until I’m 75!

There’s my 7. Now I tag Love and Olive Oil, JayeWalking, Erin’s Food Files and Tennessee Locavore to share theirs because I think they’re all pretty cool and should have some interesting things to say. Plus, I love their blogs, so even if they don’t have time to participate, you should at least check them out!

Photo Credit: Smiley Face Suckers by Shirley B
San Diego Sunset by Michael in San Diego