Georgia On My Mind

My husband knows the way to my heart is not diamond heart pendants, red roses, or stuffed bears holding chocolates. For Valentine’s Day, all it takes to make me happy is a nice dinner. But I never want to go out ON the actual holiday, so we always end up doing something a few days before or after. This year that something is going to be not one, but several nice meals. In a different city.

Ravi and I are taking a trip to Savannah! Neither of us have ever been and both have always wanted to go. I’ve already started researching and have a few things on my list, but haven’t really come up with a final game plan. So I thought I should take advantage of this forum and ask for your help. Have you been to Savannah before? If so, what are your favorite things to do? Places to eat? Drink?

Here’s a few of the restaurants and bars that are on my radar so far:

Breakfast: Firefly Cafe, B Matthews Eatery

Lunch: Vic’s on the River, Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room, Zunzi’s

Dinner: The Olde Pink House, Elizabeth’s on 37th, Sapphire Grill, Cha Bella, Local 11 Ten

Drinks: Molly McPherson’s, Seed Eco Lounge, Circa 1875, Rocks on the Roof

We don’t plan on going to all of these, and are completely open to adding to the list if there is someplace that’s a must. If you’ve been to any of the ones listed above, I would love to get your feedback both positive and negative. We’re also contemplating doing a ghost tour or an architectural tour, so if you have any experiences with tour companies, please let me know.

We don’t leave until late next week, so you’ve got plenty of time to comment. Help a girl out!

Photo Credit: The Gardens of Savannah by Patrick Fowler1