My Year in Food -2009 (Part 2)

Welcome back to the countdown of my Top 10 Meals of 2009. (Before reading today’s blog entry, first make sure that you catch yesterday’s if you didn’t already.)

We’re starting off today’s list not with a fancy restaurant or a comforting meal at home, but a cooking class!

#6: Salud: Cooking Class with Chef Deb Paquette, Nashville

Back in May I was lucky enough to get a last second spot in a fully booked class with one of my chef heroes, Deb Paquette of Zola. Watching her work her magic from just a few feet away was one of the highlights of my year, and ever the more appreciated now.

You see, recently Deb & her husband Ernie delivered the sad, sad news that they are closing my beloved Zola and moving to the Caribbean. This announcement left me even more thankful that I had the opportunity to learn a bit from the master before she leaves us. Take a look here at all of the creative dishes she prepared during the cooking class at Whole Foods and you’ll understand why I’ll miss her so.

#5: 112 Eatery, Minneapolis

What I love most about Minneapolis? Well, that would be my friend Steph, but it’s a really tight race with this restaurant. Read all my reasons why here.

#4: Spotted Pig

My life-altering first encounter with Gnudi was at The Spotted Pig in New York this summer. I’m not exaggerating. This dish transported me to another realm. Read my glowing review here and get the recipe to try for yourself at home. I haven’t yet been brave enough to attempt it for fear of screwing it up and ruining the beautiful memory I still have of the dish. Instead I would rather just hop on a plane to New York for another visit!

Come back tomorrow to see who made the Top 3 of 2009!