Dump Cake Does It For Me

And I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Dump Cake is another one of the recipes I’ve been asked about over the last few days. It’s a guilty pleasure and I only make it a few times a year for special occasions or to feed a crowd. I refuse to make it for just me and hubby, as that is extremely dangerous (sneaky bites with every pass thru the kitchen = entire cake gone in 2 days).

Consider this the perfect potluck dessert-easy, inexpensive, yet impressive. You don’t even need to know how to cook. It never, I mean never, fails me. When it joins me at a party, I’m adored.

The version I grew up eating has cherry and pineapple, but there are lots of other variations you can try. My fellow food blogger and twitter buddy, Lesley, is also very aware of the awesomeness that is Dump Cake. When she saw the dump cake tweets between me and Amy of Word Kitchen, she volunteered some of her favorite options. Apple filling with yellow mix, cinnamon and pecans? Mmmm. And cherry with chocolate mix? Okay, Yum. I’m thinking sometime soon I might give it a go with peaches and butter cake mix, making a quick and easy peach cobbler. So your choice, the tried and true “original” recipe below, or invent your own version!

Dump Cake

Serves 10-12.


1 (20 oz) can crushed pineapple, undrained

1 (21 oz) can cherry pie filling

1 (18.25 oz) package yellow cake mix

1 stick of butter, melted

1/2 cup chopped pecans


Spread crushed pineapple on bottom of 13 x 9-inch pan. Top pineapple with cherry pie filling, and sprinkle cake mix evenly over fruit. (Layer in the order listed. Do NOT mix)

Drizzle with melted butter and sprinkle with chopped pecans.

Bake at 350 for 1 hour or until golden and bubbly.

Serve on it's own or top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

Photo credit: dump cake by nochipra