Will Travel For Food

I’m off on another foodie adventure for the next few days! My friend Melissa and I board a plane to Cleveland this morning for a less than 24-hour stop, then on to Pittsburgh for the rest of the weekend to visit our friend Rachel.

The reason for Cleveland? Michael Symon‘s Lola restaurant. Yes, we are flying to Cleveland and spending money on a hotel room and rental car just to go eat at this restaurant. He serves maple-bacon ice cream for goodness sakes! Seriously, if I can’t be in Nashville for the Bacon Takedown Sunday night, I at least need to get my bacon fix from a man that knows his pork.

Friday morning we’ll head to Pittsburgh where the first item on the agenda is a walking food tour in the historic Strip District. After that, I’m leaving it in Rachel’s hands- and the girl is good with food, so I know we’ll be eating, drinking, and enjoying ourselves thoroughly. I’ll report back next week on our adventures!

photo credit: airplane wing (2005) by Zoagli