Yummi Yo!

With the oppressive heat wave that’s upon us, I’m having a tough time getting motivated to eat. To make matters worse, the air conditioning unit at my office decided to conk out yesterday. It was time for my afternoon snack, toasted Milton’s whole grain bread with peanut butter, but the thought of eating something warm was enough to make me cringe. As I sat fanning myself, my stomach growled relentlessly, but nothing I could think of to nibble on was the least bit appealing.

That is until Provence “tweeted” about this coupon for their Yummi Yo! frozen yogurt. My appetite was renewed. Only something this creamy and refreshingly tangy can impel me to eat right now.

Mmmm, what will my afternoon treat be? Passionfruit? Pomegranate? or maybe the Original tart flavor with blueberries and kiwi? Tick Tock goes the clock. Is it 5 yet?

Yummi Yo! is sold at the Hill Center Provence location
4031 Hillsboro Road
Nashville, TN 37215
M-Sat 7-7
Sun 8-6

Yummi Yo! was developed by Provence and is a trademarked product.