Parisian Brunch

No silly, I’m not in France….I’m in New York, remember?And what a delightful trip thus far- the weather couldn’t be more perfect and I’m enjoying every minute in this frenetic city. There is no way possible that I could record everything we’ve done since arriving, so I’ll touch on the highlights, starting with Sunday morning brunch at the cutest little bistro in West Village, Paris Commune.

The service was excellent, thanks to our very attentive and ever-smiling server, Eddie. It’s not easy waiting on 5 hungry women, but he did it flawlessly! Fresh cup of coffee in hand, my thoughts turned to food as I studied the menu. No brunch cocktails for me this morning. No way. Had plenty of that the day before, just need sustenance for the big day ahead. Hmmm, funny how just one mention of an interesting sounding drink causes me to ditch my best laid plans. The Oscar Wilde- lavendar, vodka, fresh pear nectar, sparkling wine. Remember my affinity for floral drinks? Seriously worth falling off the wagon for.
To start off, we shared their house specialty- a generous portion of steaming hot gingerbread, drenched in fresh whipped cream. Do you see this??? Sinful! Utterly and totally sinful.

Then on to the main course. Apparently 2 dishes stood out to everyone- before long a Southern Benny or Frittata was in front of each of us. My choice-the Southern Benny: poached eggs and bacon served on an English muffin smothered with sausage gravy. As if one kind of pork was not enough!

A completely satisfying brunch behind us, it was then off to see In the Heights, awarded a Tony for best musical in 2008. Awesome, awesome, awesome- I was laughing and crying and dancing in my seat. Highly recommended!
Paris Commune

(open for brunch 7 days a week)

99 Bank Street (corner of Greenwich Street)

New York, NY 10014