Some Like it Floral

Everyone has a personal preference when it comes to cocktails. Some like them sweet, others tart. Me, I prefer them either a bit spicy or kinda floral. The flowery thing all started with Mirror’s American Beauty and its essence of roses. Several years have gone by since my first, and for a long time it was rare that I could find a drink elsewhere (especially here in Nashville) that contained any sort of botanic ingredient. That is, until fairly recent years, when more and more establishments began enlisting mixologists to dream up innovative signature cocktails containing everything from lavender to elderflower.

So the scene is finally looking really good- more often than not I find a drink on the menu that delights me. But what about those nights when I would rather hang out at home with friends? Although our bar is always fully stocked, it never seems to have anything too inspiring, so I end up with a vodka soda.

That’s where the recently launched Square One Botanical comes in. Described as spicy and floral- an infusion of 8 organic botanicals: pear, rose, chamomile, lemon verbena, lavender, rosemary, coriander and citrus peel- it sounds made for me. Spicy AND floral?? Hello.

Now the only problem is I can’t find it in Tennessee and due to our archaic liquor laws, I can’t buy it online and have it shipped to me. For the rest of the civilized world, Square One has a handy little mapping tool you can use to locate their products in your city or state. (Looks like my lucky friends in San Diego can find it on every corner-jealous!) If I can ever get my hands on some I’ll definitely be whipping up a few of these concoctions, and will happily invite others to participate!

Do any of you have a spicy or floral cocktail that you love? Where- a restaurant, bar? or do you make it at home? Share with me please!