First Steps, 1st Birthday and First Snow


1st birthday gift that made the birthday boy very happy: Maracas!

It’s hard to believe that this time last year I had just gotten home from the hospital with my tiny baby boy. The change and growth that has occurred in him this past year is truly amazing.

The last few weeks have been a pretty exciting time in our house. In early January, Archer took his first solo steps. Within days he was zooming around the house like he’d been walking his whole life.

On January 26th, our families came to town to celebrate the little guy’s first birthday. Then just a few days ago, he watched in wonder (and maybe a little confusion), as snow flakes fell: his first snow!


Little Blue Truck Cake by Crumb de la Crumb

Little Blue Truck birthday cake by Crumb de la Crumb

We decided to keep the birthday gathering small, and just had close family over to the house for cake and ice cream. Of course, that meant I had to go all out on the birthday cake!

Crumb de la Crumb did an amazing job bringing Archer’s favorite book, Little Blue Truck, to life. For the adults, there was salted caramel chocolate cake and vanilla white chocolate cake. The birthday boy had his own chocolate cupcake topped with a little blue truck.


Determined to hold on to the maracas as he eats his birthday cupcake

A year ago if you’d have asked me what to buy a 1 year old for his/her birthday, I would’ve had absolutely no idea. In fact, in the past, when I’ve been invited to birthday parties for kiddos, I’ve Googled “best gift for a (add age here) year old”. Yep, my experience with babies was extremely limited. But hey, now I’m an expert! (okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but I do know A LOT more than I used to!)

So, just in case there are any of you out there in that same boat, and need some 1st birthday gift inspiration, here are just a few Archer’s favorites:

Maracas (and they aren’t too annoying – honestly)

Sesame Street Cookie Monster Kitchen Cafe (scored a great deal on this – clearance at Target for only $17)

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Musical Table

Fisher Price Crib n Go Projector Soother

Books – all kinds of books, you almost can’t go wrong. For months now, the Little Blue Truck and The Nose Book (Dr Seuss) are top choices in our house.


Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Piggy Bank


B Fun Keys



A light dusting of snow 2 days in a row last week made for some fun exploring/discovering!