3/14: It’s All About Pi and Pie

Happy Pi Day! In recognition of the occasion, today I am embarking on a journey to create an incredible pie using only 5 Trader Joe’s products. Why am I doing this?

Because it’s once again time for Trader Joe’s Hiip Recipe contest! I first participated in Hiip (highly innovative ingredient pairings) a couple of years ago when they were on the hunt for the ultimate sandwich. But, to be completely honest, I got sick of eating sandwiches before I created one that I was super happy with, so I never actually entered.

This time around though, that will not happen, because it’s PIE we’re dealing with!

I’ve already got a zillion ideas swirling around in my head, both sweet and savory….it’s almost embarrassing how excited I am to take on this challenge.

Some of you have to be geeking out about this as much as I am, right? If you’d like to participate, click here to read all of the rules and fine print, then head to Trader Joe’s and stock up!


Photo Credit: Pi Pie by Jwannie