Burger Up is Open for Biz!

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the new Burger Up on 12 South for months. As my trip to China drew near, they were getting closer and closer to opening the doors. My hope was that they would open before I left so I wouldn’t miss out on the grand opening…I hate when I miss out on these things you know!

But the day came for me to board my flight and sadly, no Burger Up yet. Fast forward 2 weeks when I arrive back in Nashville after eating loads and loads of Chinese food. With an intense burger craving, I plotted where to go to get my fix. Lo and behold, what do you know? I hadn’t, in fact, missed out on the opening of our new burger joint. Instead I was just in time, as the doors were opening that very weekend!

I’d previously gotten a sneak peek at the menu from Chef Chris Hyler, and was so excited to try so many things, but that night it was all about the burger. And it did not disappoint.

My burger served South Carolina style with Pimento cheese

Big, juicy, and way more than this girl could eat in one sitting, it completely satisfied my hankering for a good ol’ American burger.

We also ordered the Spicy Crab fontina habenero fondue with grilled ciabatta, and it was delicious. Sinful, rich, and delicious.

Some of the other tempting items on the preview* menu and on my list of things to try very, very soon:

Baby spinach salad with warm Benton bacon aged balsamic vinaigrette, grape tomatoes and fried local goat cheese croquette

Roasted beet, local goat cheese, and red onion over mixed field greens with white truffle aged sherry vinaigrette

Sliders 3 ways – Benton bacon and cabot white cheddar, Portobello with blue cheese mornay, Turkey with cherry sage aioli

Po Boy- choice of fried shrimp, crab cake, trout, or oyster, blue cheese house slaw, fresh local tomaotes, spicy lemon lime remoulade

Truffle fries with honey dijon aioli

Fried house pickles with buttermilk ranch

Quinoa and black bean burger with cilantro lime creme fraiche

In fact, I might just make my way over there next Monday night to sample a couple of these since they are participating in Eat Out for Nashville!

Burger Up
2901 12th Ave S
(12th and Paris)
Nashville, TN 37204

*these were on the menu on opening night, but as the weeks go by, they could be making tweaks