tayst Chef’s Table

A few weeks back I was hanging on the patio at tayst drinking wine with friends, when the man of the house, Chef Jeremy Barlow, mentioned that he would be having his first Chef’s Table of the fall season on October 7th. The tayst Chef’s Table is a very special event–“a multi-course extravaganza” with wine pairings — offered only a few times a year for two people in the tayst kitchen.

Immediately a light bulb went on in my head. We hadn’t yet come up with a special anniversary dinner plan, so this could be the perfect way to celebrate our first year of married bliss! With not a moment’s hesitation, I told Jeremy to put us on the reservation book.

And celebrate we did. Thoughtful as can be, Jeremy even had a couple of surprises in store for me that evening. He knew of my recently discovered love of gnudi, and my jealousy over some tempura peanut butter cups he recently tweeted about eating in Chicago, so he incorporated those into our meal. Heaven.

Here is a look at our amazing feast:

Honeycrisp Apple, Berry Gastrique, Lavender Sea Salt
Moet & Chandon White Star Champagne

Course One
Halibut, Braised Celery, Orange Verjus Reduction
’07 La Sirena Moscato Azul

Course Two
“Biscuits & Gravy”
Pork Sausage Gravy, Proscuitto, Puff Pastry, Herbs
’05 Galil Yiron Cabernet Sauvignon

Course Three
Foie Gras Two Ways
Foie Gras Torchan with Pear Relish, Local Seared Foie Gras over Wild Mushrooms, Truffle Aoili
Oriel “Ondine” Sauternes

Course Four
Arugula, Cinnamon Vinaigrette, Sunchokes
’06 La Luna Malvasia

Course Five
Wild Alaskan Salmon, Greens, Tomato Cherry Sauce, Lemon Confit
’06 Next Pinot Noir

Course Six
Gnudi, Duck Confit, Spaghetti Squash, Onions
’05 Casa de la Ermita Crianza

Course Seven
Risotto with Apples, Pistachios, Apple Cider Glaze
’07 Sierra Virgen Airen

Course Eight

Poussin, Sasparilla, Paprika, Pumpkin Stout Glaze, Field peas, Carrots
’05 M. Cosentino “Med”

Course Nine
Grass Fed Ribeye, Mint Couscous, Fennel, Shallots, Jus
’06 Peltier Station Petit Syrah

Course Ten

Local Bison, Vanilla, Cayenne, Cocoa, Tobacco Potatoes
Gabrielle Vertex “Just Red”

Course Eleven
Tempura Peanut Butter Cups, Chocolate Mousse
Peltier Station “USB” Port

Course Twelve
Creme Brulee
Rowan’s Creek Bourbon

I can’t even begin to choose a favorite from this list, but I did offer Jeremy some unsolicited advice: put that pumpkin stout glaze on the regular menu! It was lick-worthy. Hubs really enjoyed both the halibut and the salmon, and we both mmm’d over the biscuits & gravy. It goes without saying that I was giddy over the risotto, the gnudi, and the peanut butter cups. Okay, now that I’ve name almost everything, I want to point out that there was nothing we didn’t delight in. Each plate was empty as it was taken from us -all the way through to plate #13!

We loved being in the kitchen amidst all the action, asking a million questions about ingredients, and eyeing the drool-inducing parade of dishes going out into the dining room. It was truly a unique experience.

Special occasion coming up soon? Or just adventurous and want to try something new and different? Then the chef’s table is for you. The remaining dates for fall are October 28th and November 18th, so call the restaurant to book your reservation now!


2100 21st Ave S
Nashville, TN 37212
(615) 383-1953

Photo credit: Image respectfully borrowed from Nashville Lifestyles