Olive & Sinclair

If you live in Nashville and claim to be any sort of foodie, then you’ve heard of Olive & Sinclair Chocolate. They’ve been the buzz of the Nashville Scene Bites blog for some time, were named “Best Chocolate” in the Scene’s recent Best of Nashville issue, and The Tennessean featured them in an article on local artisans last week.

So exactly what is “Southern Artisan Chocolate”? Their wrapper says it best: “Slow roasted and stone ground in small batches, select single origin beans are combined with pure brown sugar for a smooth and robust flavor that’s unique to Southern Artisan chocolate. Our combination of traditional methods, modern European technique and classic southern flavors make Olive & Sinclair the new old fashioned chocolate.”

For even more details about the company, click on any of the links in my first paragraph to hear how the company got it’s start and what they’re all about. Plenty of others before me have done a good job at covering that stuff.

Today all I’m here to talk about is the ridiculously amazing new chocolate bar they’re launching this week: the Mexican Style Cinnamon Chili (62%). Goodness gracious, just when I was trying to cut back on my chocolate consumption, they go and pull this thing out. And you’ve probably noticed my predilection for spicy things…especially a little sweet-n-heat.

When I stopped by their table at this weekend’s Produce Place Fall Fest I had my sights set on sampling the Salt & Pepper bar I’d heard so much about on Bites. Since I’m already a big fan of the Sea Salt bar, I was pretty sure the Salt & Pepper would win my heart as well. Well, it did, but then they introduced me to it’s hotter cousin and I was at a loss for words. The other bars I could see myself dating, but this one, this one, could make me settle down. I might just want to carry on a long-term monogamous relationship! The rich, intoxicating chocolate soothed me, the warmth of the cinnamon enveloped me, then the chili tickled my throat a tiny bit- ah, such a tease.

For those of you that might be afraid of the hot factor, don’t be. It’s a very, very subtle heat. The cinnamon creates a great balance for the chili flavor, so the combination is truly heavenly.

Deliveries of this new bar should be made to The Produce Place in Sylvan Park this week, so drop in and buy one to try for yourself. Indulge. You deserve it.

Where You Can Find Olive & Sinclair Chocolate:

The Produce Place on Murphy Road
The Green Wagon both locations Five Points & Murphy Rd
The Turnip Truck on Woodland
Imogene + Willie on 12th South
Bongo Java S 11th St/Belmont Blvd
Caldwell Collection Bandywood Dr
Grimeys 8th Ave S
Fido on 21st Ave

Crema downtown Nashville
Marche’ Artisan Foods Main Street East Nashville
Lazzaroli’s Germantown
Whole Foods Green Hills & Cool Springs
Hen Peck Market Franklin

You don’t live in Nashville but would like to purchase? Don’t fret! Just send them an email to info@oliveandsinclair.com.

Other Available Olive & Sinclair Chocolates: 67% + Kosher Salt & Cracked Pepper, 75% + Coffee Bean, 67% + Cacao Nibs, 75% + Sea Salt, 67% Ghana/Dominican, 75% Ghana/Dominican

Olive and Sinclair
1404 McGavock Pk
Nashville, TN 37216