Introducing E Harlow Magnolia Bitters



“Found in print for the first time in 1867 and then again in 1872, the magnolia blossom was used as an aromatic and flavoring agent in bitters, with the intention of medicinal purposes. Eventually, the light and floral trademark of the south fell to the wayside in the 20th century…until now.” Earlier this month, Nashville residents Jon and Lindsay Yeager of PourTaste released the first commercial magnolia bitters seen since the 19th century under their brand E Harlow. (Which is named after their cutie pie daughter, Emerson Harlow)

It began in 2013 when Jon and Lindsay created The Anthym Spirit for Gray’s on Main in Franklin. The signature cocktail contained magnolia bitters, which started as just a DIY backyard experiment for them. Garden and Gun took notice  of the unique bitters and shared the recipe on their website in 2014.

Since then, Jon and Lindsay have been working hard to perfect their creation, and on July 1st, they released the final product, E Harlow Magnolia Bitters. The bad news (for us, not them), is that they have already completely sold out of the first run! However, there is good news too… they are now taking pre orders for the second run. You can order yours at

If you’d like to try it in a drink before purchasing your own, head on over to The Treehouse in East Nashville for the “She Went to Oxford” cocktail or the Vanderbilt Marriott in Midtown for The Chancellor made with Belle Meade bourbon, Cardenal Mendoza brandy, Clement Vieux rhum agricole, and E Harlow magnolia bitters.