A Look Back: #2015BestNine



Happy New Year everyone!

While I had really good intentions of pulling together a list of my top meals of 2015, it simply didn’t happen. I’m wayyyyy behind writing a few blog posts that would need to be included (Paris & Barcelona, hello!), so instead I decided I’d just share my Instagram #2015BestNine. I spend much more time on there these days than here, so if you don’t follow me already, please do!

Oddly, the top photos don’t involve much food,  but they do a pretty good job of capturing my daily life: my blog, my choice of pie over cake (always), my job, my love of cocktails, and my silly, sweet, smart, and full-of-energy kiddo.

Looking forward to many more happy times and delicious adventures in the year ahead. See you in 2016!