Music City Food & Wine 2015: A Recap



Exactly one month ago, under gorgeous sunny skies, I (+ a couple thousand other people) ate and drank my way through a magical Music City Food + Wine Festival weekend.

You know that “third times a charm” saying?  Year 1 and Year 2 were such a blast that I would have been happy if they hadn’t changed a thing. But they did, and this 3rd year of MCF&W was definitely the best one yet! The new venue of Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park was perfection.

And now I’m just going to come right out and say it: There is no food event in Nashville that even comes close to this one!

If you live here in Nashville and haven’t attended yet, then you need to make it a priority to go next year. I promise you, the $150 price tag for a one day pass is a deal. The caliber of food, the quantity of available booze, and the entertainment and learning experiences are worth every. single. penny.

As I went back through my notes and photos from the weekend, it was SO HARD to narrow down my choices to the few that I have here, but there was simply so much that I couldn’t possibly cover it all. Also, words really won’t do it justice, so this post is going to be heavy on the visuals and light on the commentary. Here they are…. my favorites from Music City Food + Wine 2015. Enjoy!


pinewood mcfw

Pinewood Social

Pretzel crumb, lemon curd, cream cheese mousse, lavender gremolata, fresh blueberries, edible flowers

I’m STILL thinking about this dessert. It may be one of the best things I’ve eaten all year, not just at this festival. I hope that Pinewood plans to serve this on the regular if they aren’t already.


The Treehouse

corn, zucchini & black eyed pea salad with chipotle dressing, fresh cheese and pumpkin seeds



Sinema Angoletti


Ricotta Agnolotti – lamb sugo, parmesan bread crumbs





Porter Road Butcher

150 day dry aged beef tartare with fermented garlic scape




Catbird Seat

Ice Cream Salad

 Yep, Ice Cream Salad. To be specific, lemon ice cream salad with candied pecans. No idea how to even explain this one to you, but that’s pretty typical of the surprises at Catbird Seat, right? This one prompted me to start planning my next visit before Trevor leaves us for Noma. So insanely creative and delicious.


Josephine MCFW15


Dried Sweet Corn, Duck Confit, Pickled Mushrooms
Brown Butter Vinaigrette, Little Lettuce




Kayne Prime

white miso ice cream in a ginger cone topped with duck chicharrones

THIS. Oh my goodness. So much this. I’ve always liked Kayne Prime, but I’ll admit it’s been a while since I’ve been there. This was a great reminder that they do some really fun things, and it may be time for another visit.



Rolf & Daughters

semolina pudding, blueberry jam, saba


collage mcfw

Little Octopus avocado, sour orange, crispy shallot, scallion ash, cilantro

Etch upside down apple cake with foie gras crema, coffee caramel, and pickled cantaloupe rind

Adele’scurried chicken salad, ritz cracker, kale salad, roasted peanuts


City House MCFW15

City House 

lemon poppyseed pavlova
toasted lemon meringue poppy seed crumbs, ricotta cream, lemon marmalade



Goo Goo Shop

Premium Goo Goos

I think most of you reading this blog already know this, but in case anyone is joining for the first time, I should mention that I’m the Director of Marketing for Goo Goo Cluster. But, while that may cause me to be a tiny bit biased, I truly do believe that the Summer Chef Series Premium Goo Goos were one of the best sweet bites at the festival!

I absolutely love what our confectioner Lauren pulled together with 8 super talented local chefs, and I hope that we’ll able to make this a recurring series. For a full list of the flavors we served at MCF+W, visit the Goo Goo website.

Dixie Crunch Premium at MCFW

The Dixie Crunch Premium Goo Goo

photo credit: Southern Fatty



Carla Hall, our favorite celebrity chef, stopped by to say hi! (and eat some Goo Goos of course)

There you go. My personal favorites from Music City Food + Wine 2015. Want to see what others thought of this year’s event? Here are links to a few of my food loving friends’ recaps!

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