Husk Nashville: My First Taste


Husk Nashville’s Chilled Tomato Soup with Georgia Olive Oil and Radishes

My answer is now: YES.

The question: Have you eaten at Husk Nashville yet?

For weeks it seems like almost everyone I’ve come in contact with has asked me this question. After saying “no, not yet” several dozen times, I was finally able to answer “yes” last week!

Besides the fact that I was traveling a lot in May (when it opened) and June, I also wasn’t in a huge rush to get in there. I was pretty certain it would be a great meal because I’ve been to the one in Charleston and it was wonderful. Maybe that’s part of the reason I wasn’t in a big hurry– I knew what to expect. It wasn’t going to be any big surprise that the food and service were solid.

I’d read a ton of articles about the opening before it even happened. I had followed their blog to see the progress of the restaurant design as it came together. Maybe it was all just a little too much (too much hype turns me off), and that’s why I took my slow sweet time getting in there.



Smoked Chicken Wings with Scallion BBQ Sauce and Peanuts at Husk Nashville

Whatever it was that kept me from foaming at the mouth to get in the door the minute it opened, I will say, by the time I was walking out the door, I was truly thrilled with every aspect of the experience.

My friends and I chose to have a leisurely lunch on a Friday. We were seated right next to the expansive set of windows overlooking the garden. We ordered a bottle of sparkly. We chatted with our server (who, by the way, couldn’t have been more perfect for our group. He knew his stuff, but he was also fun. Amusing. I get so annoyed when my server has zero personality).


Fried Green Tomatoes with Heirloom Cape Bean Hummus at Husk Nashville

A little background on Husk (in case, unlike me, you haven’t already read umpteen articles on it): they source locally and use seasonal products, which means the menu changes constantly based on what is available each day. Some dishes might stay somewhat the same from day to day, but for the most part, you shouldn’t expect to go in there tomorrow and order anything you see here today.

That said, I won’t go too crazy telling you how amazing each dish was, because then you might be really jealous and a bit sad that you aren’t able to taste it on your visit ;-)

I will say that all three of our starters- chilled tomato soup, chicken wings, and fried green tomatoes with hummus- were excellent. I’d never even thought of putting hummus with fried green tomatoes, but that combo was a winner!


Husk Nashville’s Shrimp and Grits, Preserved Tomato Broth, Shiitakes, Poached Egg

Of the entrees on the menu, I was first drawn to the shrimp & grits, because, when they’re done well, I absolutely love them.

However, my friend Sherri was certain that’s what she wanted, so I decided to choose something else. I’ve learned my lesson in the past- when dining with friends that are willing to share, never order two of the same dishes at a table unless you’ve had it before and are absolutely positive that it is to-die-for.  Since none of us had been before, and, as I’ve mentioned, the menu changes daily, we each chose a different dish.


Husk Nashville’s Catfish, roasted over embers, Anson Mills Farro, Mustard Greens, Tomato Gravy

And I am so, so, so happy about that decision. While Sherri loved the shrimp & grits, I have to say, it wasn’t my favorite entree. In fact, of the three we had, it came in third place.

My friend Charmaine ordered catfish, something she said she would never typically order but the server highly recommended it — and for good reason. This may have been the best catfish preparation I’ve ever had.


Bear Creek Beef with Bells Bend Garlic Scapes, Roast Cauliflower and Herb Dressing at Husk Nashville

But the dish that really got me? My own. It’s such a great feeling to hit the ordering jackpot!

The Bear Creek Beef was incredibly tender and delicious, but the best part was the roasted cauliflower and puree. I wanted to lick my dish. Okay, maybe I did kind of lick my dish. No one was looking, I promise.


Bear Creak Beef at Husk Nashville (full description above)

Because this was my favorite of the meal, I decided it deserved two photos. Just so you clearly understand how good it was.


Peach Buttermilk Pie at Husk Nashville

And last, but certainly not least, was the amazing Peach Buttermilk Pie made by Husk’s pastry chef, Lisa Donovan. My buddy Karl from Biscuit Love tweeted a pic of it earlier that week, so it had been on my mind ever since. Now, after eating it, it will probably be on my mind for years to come. Serious yum factor.

Something to keep in mind if you’d like to dine at Husk – if you want to go for dinner, you need to plan well in advance, as it can be a bit difficult to reserve a table for a decent hour (but if you want to do early bird dining or late night, you should be fine). However, if you’re really dying to go asap, and you have a schedule that will allow for lunch, those are definitely much easier reservations to score.

Any of you out there been yet? If so, what did you have and what are your thoughts?

Husk Nashville

37 Rutledge Street
Nashville, TN 37210

Lunch 11am-2pm Mon-Fri
Brunch 10am-2pm Sat and Sun
Dinner 5-10 Sun-Thurs
Dinner 5-11 Fri-Sat