Chicago: Acadia, GT Fish & Oyster


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I cannot believe I haven’t blogged about my last couple of trips to Chicago. It’s shameful really.

This beautiful meal at Acadia was my very special Chicago birthday dinner courtesy of my lovely friend Libby. Yes, my birthday was in MAY. And yes, that was two months ago. But, no matter. Even if a year had passed, I would still make sure I shared this with you. This 5-course prixe fixe menu was too good not to share!



Acadia Asparagus
Asparagus, yolk gel, morels, truffle vinaigrette, watercress

While we went the prixe fixe route, it’s good to note that there is also a la carte ordering, which is a nice option for those that may not want to splurge quite so much.

That said, the entire menu, both prixe fixe and a la carte, is an incredible value. I know there are a couple of other restaurants (who shall remain nameless) in Chicago that are very similar in both food quality and experience that are significantly more expensive.


Halibut Cheek at Acadia
Corned Smoked Beef Tongue, Confit Yukon, Truffle Emulsion, Trumpet Mushroom, Lenten Espagnole, Sea Froth

Acadia received its first Michelin star this year, and has been named both Best New Restaurant and Best Fine Dining in Chicago. On top of that, they have amazing cocktails. You know me- gotta have good cocktails to be named one of the best of the best in my book!


Acadia’s Heavenly Little Biscuits
(not their official name, but gotta call them what they are!)

Somehow I managed to lose the photo of probably my favorite dish of the meal, the English Pea Agnolotti. (How in the world I managed to lose 1 photo out of all of these photos, I have no idea. Thus is my life these days.) With pea tendrils and oyster mushrooms, it was not only delicious, but one of the prettiest dishes! Oh well.


Swan Creek Rabbit at Acadia
Cherry Bacon, Rabbit Sausage, Sicilian Pistachio, Sunchoke Puree, Garlic Custard, Spring Onion

If in Chicago and looking to celebrate something special, check out Acadia. Heck, even if you aren’t celebrating something special, check it out. Simply celebrate good food and service and treat yourself to an amazing evening!


1639 S Wabash Ave
Chicago, IL 60616
(312) 360-9500


Caviar Service at GT Fish & Oyster

This next meal was equally incredible, yet a very different experience. Where Acadia was refined and quiet, the space at GT Fish & Oyster was energetic and lively.



GT Fish & Oyster Oysters


We went a little crazy ordering, but that’s what’s so great about this menu. It’s meant to be shared, and there are so many options that there is surely something for everyone. As you can see above, we started with caviar – a splurge, but so fun! – and oysters.

(Please forgive the grainy photos. I so wish they were better, but alas, the room was pretty dark and I was using my iphone, so they’re not the greatest.)



Baja Shrimp Bruschetta at GT Fish & Oyster
shrimp, avocado, toasted pistachio, grapefruit, cilantro

Next up was the shrimp bruschetta, which I was dying over. And Oyster Po’ Boy Sliders with kimchi and peanuts. And the Octopus. Love, love, love. I wish I had some of all three right here, right now.



Octopus at GT Fish & Oyster
Octopus, beer mustard wasabi, purple potatoes, jicama, pickled mushroom

If you like seafood, I really, truly, cannot encourage you enough — you must go to GT Fish & Oyster when in Chicago. If this place was in Nashville, I’d probably drop in once a week. It is that good!

GT Fish & Oyster

531 N Wells St
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 929-3501