Openings: Rolf and Daughters + 8th and Roast

As of last night, Rolf and Daughters, the highly anticipated new restaurant in Germantown, is officially open for business!

What I know:

  • The owner is James Beard nominated Philip Krajeck
  • The name Rolf and Daughters came from the chef’s middle name + he has 2 daughters
  • The restaurant is located in the historic Werthan Factory building
  • The food is described as “modern peasant food”, with Northern Italian and Mediterranean influences, using Southern, seasonal ingredients (their menus, including their cocktail menu that looks amazing, are on the website)

What I also know: If I weren’t headed to Chicago, I’d be walking in that door myself this weekend!

If you go (or already have), please report back. I’ll be getting over there as soon as I can and when I do, I’d love to have some guidance on what to order. Drop me a note and let me know what you tried, what was great, etc.

For more information, Like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and/or check out their website!

Rolf and Daughters
700 Taylor Street
Nashville, TN 37208
Mon – Sun 5:30 pm – 10 pm



A year ago (almost exactly to the date), I wrote a post titled Coffee Ramblings, where I listed some of my favorite spots to savor a good cup of coffee around Nashville. One of those named was Roast, Inc. Well, a few months later, Roast was still roasting and selling their incredible coffee beans, but they had shuttered their coffee shop.

I was sad, but not for long. Shortly after I learned of the closing, I heard that they were planning to reopen the retail space, this time in an even better location closer to my house!

While it is not open quite yet, it is getting very, very close. Actually, the new place, 8th and Roast, is doing a soft opening tomorrow with a complimentary cupping. They’ll be sampling many of their coffees via various brewing methods to introduce the new coffee shop to the neighborhood. Too bad I’ll be out of town and missing out on this free coffee. Please, go drink some for me!


What: 8th and Roast Complimentary Coffee Sampling

When: Friday, November 16th

Where: 8th and Roast
on 8th Avenue where Douglas Avenue intersects, across the street from Zanie’s


Cool Facts about 8th and Roast:

  • The space is part of Douglas Corner, which was built in the 30’s as the terminus for the mule trolley that ferried people from downtown out into the “suburbs.” Much of the original building is being retained (ceilings, exposed brick walls).
  • Their two long community tables are re-purposed bowling alley lanes that were built in America in the 40s.
  • They are moving the single-brew service to a “self pour” station that will speed overall service up and also give people a chance to experience pouring their own coffee. That bar was formerly part of the lunch counter at the Commerce Street bus station in 1974.

To keep up with what is happening with Roast, and when 8th and Roast officially opens for business, Like them on Facebook or Follow on Twitter.

8th and Roast – OPENING SOON!
2108 8th Ave S
Nashville, TN 37204