Fall is My Favorite

Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year, and I especially love October. There is just something about the crisp air, the leaves changing colors, and pulling on a soft, cozy hoodie in the morning. Unfortunately, this month has flown by and I haven’t had nearly enough time to enjoy it.

That is, until this weekend when we did have a chance to get out and take the little guy to Ghouls at Grassmere and to his very first pumpkin patch!


Okay, so it wasn’t exactly a pumpkin patch – more like a roadside stand that sold pumpkins. But it was a really snazzy stand with lots of setups for photo ops so we got some cute pics out of it.

Really can’t believe that my baby boy will be 9 months old this week! Time goes too fast.



Anyway….even though we did have a little fun this weekend, I also spent a good amount of time doing chores, running errands, etc, etc, and not enough time meal planning for the week. Because of this, I’ve got a stack of produce that I need to get creative with in the next few days, so I’m asking for your help.

Below is a list of the items I’ve got to work with. Please leave me comments with your ideas and/or links to recipes and I will be forever grateful!

Butternut Squash

Spaghetti Squash

Pattypan Squash

Sweet Potatoes – would love ideas for savory dishes vs sweet

Eggplant (Pretty certain I’m going to make this recipe recommended by Lesleyeats, but I’m open to other ideas too!)