Savor Challenge to the Chefs Results

Wow. As a judge for the Savor Nashville’s Challenge to the Chefs this weekend, I consumed some amazing food.

The “challenge” given to some of Nashville’s finest chefs was to create a dish utilizing two or more of the following ingredients: Goo Goo Clusters, Benton’s bacon, and Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Whiskey. Many of them went above and beyond and used all 3 ingredients. Some even created not one, but TWO dishes. Yes, you could say that I ate really well yesterday!

Here’s a quick look at the winners and a few others I just wanted you to see:


1st Place: Kevin Ramquist of F Scott’s

Benton’s Bacon Wrapped Local Beef Brisket with Jack Daniel’s Honey Glaze and Goo Goo Cluster Barbeque Sauce (first photo above)

Benton’s Bacon and Goo Goo Cluster Biscotti with Jack Daniel’s Honey, Bongo Java Coffee, Kahlua, and Cream




2nd Place: Jeremy Barlow of Tayst

Goo Goo Cannoli – Savory Benton’s Bacon Mousse, Ginger Jack Honey Glaze, Peanut Bacon Dirt




3rd Place: Thomas Cook of Prime 108 (at Union Station Hotel)

Benton’s Bacon Crunchy Lobster Roll with Jack Daniel’s Honey Wasabi paired with Jack Daniel’s Miso Honey Sea Bass with Benton’s Bacon Bok Choy Salad



People’s Choice Award: Brandon Frohne of Rutland Place Catering & Nashville Urban Gardeners

Unfortunately I don’t have a full description of this one. I either neglected to take a photo of their sign with details, or there wasn’t one on the table. Either way, just know that it was delicious!

There were two dishes, the first a savory Stuffed Porchetta and a deviled egg. There was whiskey perfume involved. That alone was awe-inspiring.


The second creation was a liquid nitrogen Coke float with Goo Goo Cluster bits. This one might have been dribbling down my chin because maybe I couldn’t resist turning it up to get every last drop. Just maybe.

A couple of my own “honorable mentions”:



Toby Willis of Nashville City Club

Chocolate Torte, Goo Goo Cluster Ganache, Peanut Butter Powder, Goo Goo Cluster Chocolate Mousse, Benton’s Bacon-Bourbon Caramel Corn, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Macerated Strawberries

Deb Paquette of Etch (coming soon!)

Moroccan Spiced “Hot Dogs” in a Smokey Bun with Bacon Peanut Crumble, Ginger “Mustard” and Strawberry Chili “ketchup”