Gloria’s Korean Kitchen

My newest favorite lunch spot, Gloria’s Korean Kitchen, opened way back in November, but for some crazy reason, I hadn’t heard a peep about it until about a month ago. How this place was a secret for that long is completely baffling to me. Since my first visit four weeks ago, I’ve had lunch there four times, and I’ve been talking about it every chance I get. How have others kept so quiet?!

Spicy Pork Ssam (Lettuce Wraps)

These will be my standard lunch at Gloria’s from here until eternity. You see, I have this thing for sauces and the wraps come with three delightful flavors, so that makes me very, very happy.


Bibimbap is a Korean specialty made up of a protein (chicken, bulgogi, spicy pork or tofu), rice, sauteed vegetables and an egg cooked sunny side up. Served with a red pepper sauce and a cucumber/garlic infused soy sauce, it’s quite tasty! As you know, I’m not a big fan of runny eggs, so I didn’t actually order this myself. The photo is of a friend’s dish, which I tasted and have nothing but good things to say– runny egg and all ;-)



Oh, and I must not forget to mention that everything here is made from scratch, even the Kimchee!

Sweet Vinegar Daikon Radish

These crunchy sweet radishes topped with pickled cucumbers are a necessity if you get your food extra spicy like I do. They are the key to helping cool down your palate!

Although I can only personally vouch for lunch, I’ve heard rave reviews from friends that have been for dinner, so I’m looking forward to trying it very soon. Whether you’re already a fan of Korean food or have never tried it, you really must drop by Gloria’s some time. I promise it’ll be quite a treat!


~This business is now closed~

Gloria’s Korean Kitchen

9100A Carothers Pkwy, Suite 108
Franklin, TN 37067

Lunch: Tues- Sat 11 am – 3 pm
Dinner: Tues – Sun 5 pm- 9 pm