Nashville Originals Restaurant Week

Nashville Originals Restaurant Week is just around the corner and with unbelievable 2- and 3-course offerings for $20.11 and $30.11, you simply can’t afford to NOT go out to eat!

So where will you go? This is the perfect time to scope out some of the newer restaurants in our area …maybe you haven’t had a chance to check out the new Fish & Co. in Midtown yet. Or is it possible that you haven’t made your way to downtown Franklin and had some of those yummy Shrimp n Grits at 55 South?

Of course there’s no rule that says you’ve got to try something new; you can always take this opportunity to visit an old favorite like I did during restaurant week in the fall.

I feasted on these Sweetwater Tennessee Cheddar Fritters with spicy aioli and chow chow at Yellow Porch. Yum!

Lucky for you they are again on the menu for this upcoming restaurant week.

And my entree was this juicy Sweet Tea Cured Pork Chop with red wine vinegar sorghum glaze and spicy rhubarb relish served on a bed of Hoppin’ John and Haricot Vert sauteed with house-made Tasso and rosemary black pepper brown butter. Ridiculously good.



As delicious as that particular pork chop was, the description of the one they’re offering this time has my mouth watering even more. It’s another Sweet Tea-cured Pork Chop, but now with sweet potato and Benton’s bacon pancakes, benne beans, apple chutney, a sage brown butter and balsamic vinegar. Oh my. Haven’t been to Yellow Porch before? Well, if this doesn’t convince you that you should venture over, I don’t know what will.

With all the talk I’ve done about Cha Chah recently, I bet you can guess where I’ll be at least one night next week. Honestly, I’d be absolutely crazy to pass up this special Arnold is offering: a 5-course chef’s tasting that is normally $65 for only $30.11!!!

Hopefully I’ve gotten your interest piqued. Head over to the Nashville Originals website right now, peruse all of the menus and map out a plan!