Facebook Fan Perks

You may or may not have noticed that along with the launch of the new blog design, I also created a Fan Page on Facebook. See the little icon over in the side bar? What are you waiting for? Click it!

Seriously, being a fan really will have its perks –you’ll be privy to exclusive content! What this basically means is that when I don’t have time to write an entire blog post, but find out some good scoop on events around town, or I eat a fantastic dish that I’m eager to share with you, Facebook will be my friend. I can share a link or photo quickly and easily. Twitter has been great for some of these things, but I realize that many of you might not use Twitter, so you’re missing out on valuable information. But if you become a fan on Facebook, you won’t be any more!

Who knows, maybe Facebook fans will even have extra opportunities to win stuff…hint, hint.

Now before I leave you for the weekend, I wanted to point out that there are some fun things going on around Nashville. Are you going to any of them? Cupcake-palooza is in my neck of the woods, so I might not be able to resist!

Weekend Happenings:

Wine on the River on the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge downtown

Cupcake-palooza at Fido in Hillsboro Village

Cork in the Fork in Leipers Fork

Southern Fried Festival in Columbia

And put this one on your radar for next weekend:

Banana Pudding Festival in Centerville