Mastering the Knife at Viking

Despite the fact that I’ve been cooking for many years, I’ve always felt I’m lacking in basic knife skills. For some time I’ve been thinking about taking a class to help me improve this part of my culinary repertoire.

One day while on a walk with my friend Charmaine, I mentioned this to her. To my delight, she excitedly volunteered to take a class with me because she felt the same way. A few days later, I began checking the local cooking schools’ class schedules and found that Viking had one coming up soon, so I reserved our spot.

As we entered the room that night, we were greeted by the chef, given a glass of wine (you didn’t think this was ALL work did you?) and an apron before taking our places at the stations.

First things first, Chef Dale explained the importance of a good knife. Notice I didn’t say good knives, plural. As much as we would all love to have an entire set of good knives, it can become a bit cost prohibitive. So his suggestion? Buy one really great chef’s knife to get you started. Shun is his knife of choice, but there are many other awesome brands out there too….Wusthof, Misono, Global, Henckels…just do some research to find the one that will work best for you. (If you want a little help narrowing down your options, this “Best Kitchen Knives” blog could be a great guide.)

Chop, chop, chop!

Following a few instructions from the chef, we were let loose to begin chopping all of the ingredients for a salsa fresca, fajitas, and a basic stock. I won’t say it was easy to master the techniques, but it also wasn’t too hard. Once we got our fingers positioned correctly, we were amazed at how much simpler the slicing and dicing became.

After more than an hour of prep work, it was time to move to the stove and start cooking.

Charmaine conquering the wok

And then finally, it was time to relax with another glass of wine and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Chicken, shrimp and vegetable fajitas
with lime sour cream on corn tortillas- yum!

Maybe you’re not looking for mad knife skills, but instead want to learn how to master fish cookery or create a beautiful French meal for a special occasion. Well, Viking has all of that and more! Check out their full schedule to find a class to take as a date night with your honey, or a fun night out with friends. If you really want to be in the know and score some great deals on discounted classes, follow @VikingStoreNash on Twitter or “Like” them on Facebook.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for a follow up to this post- a giveaway!!!

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