A “tayst-lift”

A couple of weeks ago, tayst Restaurant and Wine Bar closed for some top secret renovations/remodeling. Chef owner Jeremy Barlow wouldn’t spill the beans to anyone (not even his staff!) on what his plans were, so naturally I was super curious to see the new space the minute it opened. On Tuesday, I did just that when I attended an “extreme makeover”-themed dinner unveiling the new look and feel of the space. The changes are awesome, especially all the new windows that really brighten and open up the dining room. I’m not giving away any other details though because I think you need to go check it out for yourself!

What I will share with you is what was on the menu for our dinner that night. As always, it was a delight…playful and inventive, and of course, delicious!

“Extreme Makeover: tayst edition”

Cheek Augmentation
braised veal cheeks, basil, tomatoes, lemon

Tummy Tuck
roasted pork belly, summer squash, sorghum

Breast Augmentation
duck breast, orange cream tapioca, crispy beets

Rib Removal
beef short ribs, potato two ways, reduction

Nose Job
berries, rose, hibiscus tea, custard, phyllo

And now something else I’m really, really excited about: the new menu that’s available only at the bar! There are plenty of nights when I don’t really want a full meal, instead choosing just to have a few nibbles with my cocktails. Now I (we) can do just that at the tayst bar. All the selections look really tempting and super affordable. I can personally vouch for the Nachos, as they are the same ones we served at Generous Helpings when I volunteered to help the chef with the tayst table.

tayst BAR MENU

Grit Fries

Sloppy Joes
bread pudding, duck confit chili, tater tots…4 / 2 for 7

Tomato Salad
basil, balsamic, olive oil….3

lamb, dumpling crackers, white fire sauce….5

The Nachos we served at Generous Helpings.
Everyone loved them, especially the white fire sauce!

Caramelized Cheese…2

Ice Cream Sandwich
chocolate doughnuts, bacon ice cream….4

In addition to the new bar menu, the new summer menu has been launched as well, and it looks fantastic, so take my advice and go check out the “tayst-lift” very soon!

tayst Restaurant
2100 21st Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37212

Tues-Thurs: 5-10 pm
Fri-Sat: 5-11 pm
Bar Opens at 4 pm Tues-Sat