Welcome Home?

Well, I can’t say that coming home to Nashville has been exactly what I had imagined. Today was going to be the day I gave you the last post in my China series, but I’ve decided to hold off. Nashville has more to worry about right now than my eating adventures.

In case you haven’t heard, hours upon hours of rain this weekend turned into flooding and now our beautiful city is underwater.

Whether you live here or not, there are many ways you can help, and the Nashvillest.com website has the most comprehensive list of just how to do so.

For those that live here, keep thinking positive thoughts. We’ll get through this. Even if the national news media doesn’t seem to notice or care that we had people drowning, houses floating down interstates, and major landmarks flooding.

For those of you that don’t live here, please just keep sending your love our way. We need it right now.

Photo Credit: Nashville Flood by rachaelmoore