Savannah Drinks

Yesterday I gave you Savannah Eats, so today it’s time for the Drinks! You should know by now that when I travel, finding great places to imbibe is just as important to me as finding good food. We hit several Savannah watering holes and these are the ones that impressed us the most:

Moon River
Brewing Company

21 West Bay Street
Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 447-0943

A couple of days before we left for our trip, Ravi told me he might like to watch a little basketball on Saturday. This threw a small kink in my plan given that no sports bars were on our itinerary. So again I turned to Twitter and within minutes three of my Savannah tweeps suggested Moon River.

Not a sports bar, but with TVs available for sports, plus some good food and great beers, this turned out to be the perfect middle ground for us. After an upleasant brunch experience earlier that day, both of us were still hungry and a little annoyed by the bad service, but Moon River’s friendly bartender turned our moods around. I had fun trying out the sampler of beers (pictured above), and we chowed down on a little afternoon snack*:

Rings of Fire
spicy onion rings served with a spicy creole sauce

Bayou Stuffed Shrimp
jumbo shrimp stuffed with smoked kielbasa sausage served with whole-grain mustard sauce

Fried Green Tomatoes
fried green tomatoes layered with real blue crab salad and topped with cusabi (a creamy cucumber and wasabi sauce)

*”Snack” probably doesn’t adequately describe–the portions were huge!!

Seed Eco Lounge
39 Montgomery St
Savannah, GA, 31401
(912) 349-5100

When I read about Seed Eco Lounge before journeying to Savannah, I knew that I would like it. The eco-friendly theme is carried out with a large selection of organic drinks as well as design elements like cork flooring and a bamboo bar.

When we arrived I was a little thrown off by the vibe, because it’s not at all what I expected. In thinking organic, I didn’t envision loud music, a dj and a dance floor, but that’s what we walked into! I’m typically more of a low key lounge kind of girl, so at first I was hesitant and almost changed my mind. But then figured I should at least give it a chance, so we made our way to the bar where we were greeted promptly and warmly by the bartender despite the noise level and crowds. Drinks in hand, we settled into a space at the bar and had a great time watching the show in front of us on the dance floor. All in all it was fun, and I found the service we received to be extraordinarily good for this sort of place. I would definitely return, and next time I’ll be sure to wear my dancin’ shoes.

Rocks on the Roof
The Bohemian Hotel
39 Montgomery Street
Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 349-5100

In doing research, I’d read that Rocks on the Roof is usually packed on the weekends with long lines to get in, but we didn’t find that at all. We were actually whisked right up the elevator on Saturday night and were served promptly by the friendly bartenders. With its awesome live music and incredible views of the river and Savannah, this may have been my favorite bar of the trip.

So there you go~ a few places to enjoy some adult beverages when you travel to Savannah. Cheers!